The solution of high temperature of rotor bearing of single section hammer crusher

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Single section hammer crusher bearing temperature as long as not more than 70~80℃, it is normal.But the rotor bearing temperature is often on the high side.The following is a single section of hammer crusher rotor bearing high temperature solution.

Single section hammer crusher

1.High temperature failure of bearing

After starting up for 3h, the temperature of the rotor bearing can reach more than 80℃, frequently alarming, and it is useless to blow one bearing with two fans, so the rotor is forced to stop for cooling.

Single section hammer crusher

2. Failure analysis of bearing with high temperature


Causes of excessive temperature of rotor bearing may include the following aspects:

(1)The clearance of the bearing is too small, resulting in too high temperature rise of the bearing.

(2)The choice of the lubricant brand is not appropriate, viscosity is too large or too small viscosity is not easy to form oil film, can lead to the bearing temperature rise too high.Especially when the viscosity of lubricating oil is large, it not only increases the internal friction between lubricating oil molecules, but also increases the friction between oil and metal, thus generating excessive heat.

(3)Incorrect installation, rubber plate coupling of rubber plate is too thick, stiffness is too large, deflection is insufficient, resulting in bearing competition, friction, heat generation too much.

(4) the amount of oil is too much, or beyond the bottom of a ball or roller center, not in line with the use of oil bath lubrication rolling bearing, in the continuous agitation of excessive heat.Shell heat dissipation area is insufficient, heat can not be sent out in time, unable to balance in the required temperature, so the temperature of the rotor bearing is high.

Single section hammer crusher

3.Solve single section hammer crusher rotor bearing high temperature method

3.1 adjust the clearance of bearing to meet the specified requirements.

3.2 to motor and the alignment of the crusher rotor, and the level of two bearing in motor shaft neck, crusher rotor and flywheel on the bearing outer race to find the level of the motor rotor and rotor respectively, and then use pipe review, review of the motor and using the method of thread hanging a heavy hammer crusher centerline of straightness, until meet the requirements.

3.3 reduce the rigidity of the connection between the crusher rotor and the motor, that is, tear down several rubber plates of the rubber plate coupling, so that the deformation in operation can be timely absorbed by the rubber plate, reduce the rotor shaft (crusher) in the bearing, and then reduce the additional force and friction in the bearing.

3.4 correct selection of lubricating oil and reasonable determination of filling amount.It was introduced that the use of viscosity smaller N68 extreme pressure gear oil instead of the original N150 load extreme pressure gear oil, and the amount of oil control (oil standard oil surface) in the bottom of a roller below the centerline, that is, the height of the oil level control in 105mm below, start again, bearing temperature maintain 70℃ below.

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