The kiln body of cement factory suddenly cracked

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In the production process of a cement enterprise, an employee found that the rotary kiln external ash leakage phenomenon, further inspection found that the kiln shell was cracked.

It is understood that the cement factory kiln shell cracking position is located in the position of brick ring, cracking distance of about 1 meter, the whole part of the cylinder body is corroded, wear seriously, the average thickness of about 10mm, the thinner place is less than 5mm, if not stop kiln repair treatment, the whole kiln exists all fracture risk, the consequences are very serious.

At present, the kiln cylinder is undergoing welding repair. According to the field repair personnel, even if the repair is completed, it is only a temporary measure. In order to run safely for a long time, the cylinder must be replaced.

Kiln cylinder fracture is not uncommon in cement industry.The failure of rotary kiln not only brings serious obstacles to cement production and causes huge economic losses, but also exposes the major negligence of equipment manufacturing enterprises in quality control or the deficiency of cement enterprises in daily equipment maintenance.

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According to industry insiders, there are many reasons for cement kiln cylinder fracture:

1. First consider whether the barrel base material is qualified;

2. The cylinder is corroded for a long time by erosion gas or erosion components (sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus), and the cylinder becomes thinner and its strength decreases;

3. Shell deformation, center line, roller....... It is estimated that problems can be found. Kilns in long-term use cannot all meet the ideal parameters;

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4. Environmental factors: temperature drop, expansion and contraction, and low temperature and brittleness of steel products;

5. Other factors;

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