The difference between a rod mill and a ball mill

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Rod mill and mill are two kinds of equipment commonly used in grinding equipment.In order to obtain higher grinding efficiency and effectively improve the effect of dressing, it is necessary to choose the right grinding machine.Because ball mills and rod mills are similar in appearance, many people do not know much about their specific differences, making them difficult to choose.

The difference between ball mill and rod mill


1. Shape and structure

The ratio of tube length to diameter of the rod mill is generally 1.5-2.0, and the inner surface of the lining plate on the end cover is vertical plane.
The ratio of cylinder length to diameter of ball mill is small, and in most cases the ratio is only slightly greater than 1.

In addition, the rotating speed of the barrel of the rod mill is lower than that of the ball mill of the same specification, so that the medium in it is in the state of falling.

2. Ore discharge mode

In the ball mill, the commonly used grid type ball mill and overflow type ball mill, and the rod mill does not grid plate row, only overflow type and open mouth type of two, row end hollow shaft diameter than the same size ball mill generally larger.

3. Grinding medium

Rod mill usually USES steel rod with diameter of 50-100mm as grinding medium, while ball mill USES steel ball as grinding medium. The difference of grinding body is the main difference between the two.

The ball mill is point contact between the steel balls, and the rod mill is line contact between the steel rods, so the working characteristics of the two are obviously different.

4. Performance

The technological characteristics of the rod mill are that the product is coarser, but the particle size is uniform, containing less coarse particles and slime, and the over-crushing is lighter, and the particle size of the rod mill product is related to the grinding of ore by the rod.

The performance of the ball mill is characterized by high production capacity, strong adaptability to the material, high fineness of the material, fine particle size of the material, easy to fine grinding, significant energy saving, but its over-crushing phenomenon is serious.

5. Use

When the tungsten and tin ore and other rare metal ores are separated by gravity or magnetic separation, the rod mill is often used to prevent over crushing.In the second stage grinding process, the rod mill is generally used as the first stage grinding equipment, with larger production capacity and higher efficiency.In the treatment of soft or not too hard ore, the rod mill can be used to replace the short head cone crusher for fine crushing, not only simple configuration, low cost, and can simplify the dust removal in the workshop.However, the ball mill is not suitable for the heavy separation production line in metal dressing because of its fine grinding materials.

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