The cause of the problem in the ball mill

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  In the process of using the ball mill, there will inevitably be wear, link loosening, oil deterioration, corrosion of metal structure and so on, which will lead to the reduction of the technical performance, economic performance and safety performance of the ball mill to varying degrees. Therefore, in order to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers and ensure that the ball mill is in good condition for a long time, the ball mill should be maintained and maintained regularly before the wear of each part of the ball mill affects the production efficiency.

  As a routine operation, the maintenance and maintenance of ball mill can cooperate with the maintenance of ball mill. It needs full-time personnel to carry out daily inspection, lubrication inspection and daily cleaning.

  I. Daily inspection of ball mill.

  The personnel on duty should be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment and the name, specification and function of each component, and check the ball mill according to the inspection standard, the time specified by the spot check card and the item, and make a good record. Defects belonging to the scope of self-study should be dealt with in a timely manner, and problems outside the scope of self-study should be reported in a timely manner.

  Contents of daily inspection of ball mill:

  1. Check the oil pressure, oil quantity, oil temperature, oil level and other parameters of the main bearing hydraulic station, motor dilute oil station, jet lubrication and lubrication equipment, and confirm whether it is stable or not.

  2. Check whether there is ore leakage at the bolt connection of ball mill cylinder, cylinder body and end cover, feeding trolley and so on.

  3. Check whether the main bearing, main motor and pinion shaft group have abnormal vibration and abnormal sound, to ensure that the temperature of each bearing is not more than 60℃;

  4. check whether the bolts between the connections are loose or abnormal, whether the feed water is uniform, whether the gasket and the liner are seriously worn, and the wear degree of the liner of the general ball mill is not more than 70%.

  5. Check whether the pressure of the air compressor is normal, whether the operation is normal, whether the motor voltage, current is normal, whether the motor is overheated, whether the air path is leaking, etc.

  6. to check the wear of steel ball used in ball mill, it is necessary to monitor it in real time to ensure that it can be replaced in time when the wear is serious.

  7. Check the environmental hygiene of the equipment, except for the operation part, all other parts should be kept clean at any time.

  Second, inspection of lubrication system of ball mill

  The lubrication system of ball mill is mainly composed of oil pump, fuel tank, tubing, filter cooler, oil pressure adjustment valve and indicating instrument device. The lubricating oil used in each lubrication point is different, and the oil filtration and oil exchange time of the lubrication point are also different. Please refer to the lubrication replacement request table of ball mill for details.

  Check content:

  1. When the oil pressure gauge is observed regularly, the normal oil pressure is generally kept at 0.05 ≤ 0.15 MPA. If the oil pressure difference before and after the filter cooler exceeds 0.04 MPA, the filter should be cleaned in time.

  2. Check the oil temperature, the general return oil temperature is not allowed to exceed 60 ℃, it is suggested that the installation of temperature scale or thermometer can directly measure the oil temperature, which is convenient to record and maintain.

  3. To check the oil quantity and cleanliness, the oil quantity and cleanliness can be checked through the oil flow indicator, the observation hole on the hollow shaft neck tile cover, the oil level indicator in the fuel tank and so on.

  4. Check the sealing parts of oil pump, oil circuit and lubrication points for oil leakage, sand intake and water intake.


  1, before each start-up of the ball mill, grease should be injected into motor bearings, pinion bearings, etc., and to ensure the sealing and cleaning of the oil injection.

  2. The oil surface height and lubrication of each lubrication point of the ball mill should be checked at least every 4 hours.

  3. For new lubricating parts, after 30 days of oil injection operation, all oil should be poured out and replaced with new oil.

  4. The oil should be heated to about 25 ℃ in advance when refueling or oil change in winter. In addition, in winter, the parking time is long, and the three-way cock at the water inlet of the main bearing can be transferred to the water-proof position, and the water in the spherical tile through the water channel can be discharged through the siphon action so as not to freeze the spherical tile or the bearing seat.

  III. Daily cleaning of ball mill.

  The day-to-day cleaning of the ball mill is mainly to prevent the ball mill from being corroded by the impurities, rust and even cause blockage, wear and the like, so as to influence the daily production of the ball mill. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the "daily hygiene" of the ball mill equipment at all times, to ensure that no ash, parts, materials and tools are stored in the operation room or machine room.

  Check content:

  1. Staff shift cleaning is required, and large cleaning is required once a week;

  2, each platform should be cleaned in time and no ash should be accumulated.

  In order to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill and maintain the normal working efficiency of the ball mill, the daily maintenance of the ball mill is essential.

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