The cause and solution of the fracture of the mechanical jaw

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The common problem in the production of jaw crusher is the wear and fracture of parts, this phenomenon is more common in the core parts, moving jaw is one of the core parts, in the production of moving jaw sometimes there will be a fracture phenomenon, the fracture reason and solution of the jaw crushing motor jaw

1. Causes of the mechanical jaw fracture caused by jaw crushing

Jaw crusher

1.1 quality problems

Quality is the fundamental factor that determines the service life of equipment or parts. If the quality of jaw crusher has problems, it is easy to break due to the force when it is used.

1.2 operational problems

Jaw crusher in use compared to the requirement of operation strictly, if the staff for operating procedures are not ripe, so easily in production because of improper operation and cause failure, and this phenomenon if accompanied by installing imbalance or bolt looseness, the phenomenon of spindle speed too fast, then makes the moving jaw in production moves too fast, it is easy to cause the moving jaw fracture phenomenon;

1.3 feeding problem

Feeding is an important link that affects the production of jaw crusher. The feeding property will affect the wear of jaw plate. When the feeding property exceeds the processing capacity of the equipment for a long time, it will cause the wear of jaw plate to increase, resulting in the fracture of moving jaw.

jaw crush

2. Solve the phenomenon of jaw breakage

According to the above analysis of the moving jaw fracture cause of jaw crusher, it can be seen that in order to solve the phenomenon of moving jaw fracture, we should pay attention to the operation of these aspects: first of all, the choice of moving jaw material and processing technology is excellent, that is to choose a good quality moving jaw;Secondly, the jaw crusher should be installed to ensure the balance of equipment and bolt fixation intact, before starting to do a good job of staff training;The third is for the material to be strictly controlled;

The above is the related problems of jaw crushing and motor jaw fracture, one is the cause of fracture, the other is the solution, only to reduce the fracture of moving jaw, in order to ensure the smooth production, reduce the impact on the life of jaw crusher.

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