The case of ball mill reformation in cement factory

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A cement plant originally composed of hydraulic press, 120-45 roller + SSF5000 Φ 3.2 m x / 1000 diffuser + 13 m ball mill roller mill system, ball mill is Sancang mill (open).When grinding P·C32.5 cement, the output is about 60t/h and the power consumption of the grinding system is 34~36kWh/t.In order to further increase production, reduce consumption, save energy and reduce emission, the factory carries on the technical design transformation, this article has made the brief introduction to this technical change

Grinding and grading adjustment of ball mill

After setting up the front vertical grinding and pre-grinding system of the ball mill, the ball mill shall be reformed accordingly: the three-bin ball mill shall be changed to the two-bin ball mill, the length of the one-bin shall be changed to 3.25m, and the rest shall be the two-bin.The original compartment board between two warehouses and removed three warehouses, and between the first warehouse and the cabin board, the second warehouse became a double-room panel, and the middle blank screen was set for 2mm, and the feeding of the cabin board was quilted.8 mm instead of 20 mm.Adjust the grading of grinding body.The grinding body grade before and after adjustment is shown in table 2 and table 3.The total load increased from 126t to 133t.The inner lining of small steps of the original second warehouse will be moved to the warehouse, and the corrugated inner lining of the original third warehouse will be used for the second warehouse (the corrugated inner lining of the second warehouse is not enough to buy).

For materials with poor abrasion resistance, it is difficult for ball mill to control the fineness of cement after grinding.This is the main reason for excessive grinding of cement products.The grinding material used in small grinding test is less, and the grinding time is 120min.In 80 years, mum sieve residue was still higher than 15%.And clinker with test machine, grind 35 minutes and 80 years mum sieving can reach 1.5% or less.According to P·C32.5 cement mix, small grinding test of vertical grinding material was carried out. After 35 minutes grinding,80 micm sifted slag was still higher than 3.0%.Remove the hard-to-grind material mixture material, and use coal gangue, gangue, water slag and fly ash as the mixture material to produce P·C32.5 cement, cement production stability of more than 100 t/h, the fine degree is significantly reduced, and 80 years mum screening slag between 1.2% and 2.0%, reflecting the difference in wear resistance from the side.Large materials should not be grinding at the same time, it is best to use separate grinding method.

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