Technological innovation of new jaw crusher

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The main parts and components of jaw crusher in this project are cast in one time by using advanced epc process.In this process, the blister model is bonded into a cluster of models, coated and brushed with a special fire-resistant coating, dried, buried in a special sandbox for vibration modeling, and the metal liquid is poured under certain conditions to make the model vaporized and disappear. The metal liquid occupies the position of the model, and the required casting is formed after solidification and cooling.The castings produced by this process have no flash burr.

1. Due to the improved design and new technology, raw material consumption is also reduced while the efficiency and quality are improved. On average, 750kg of raw materials can be saved for each unit.

2. Compared with the processing technology of the jaw plate of the project product and the traditional product, the processing technology of the project product increases the efficiency by 20 times on average.

3. Due to the innovation of the production technology of the project products, the overall performance of PE series jaw crushers equipped with the new jaw head has been greatly improved compared with the traditional jaw crushers, and the production efficiency and quality of the products have been improved.

jaw crusher

Through technical innovation in structure design and production process, PE series jaw crusher with new jaw head assembly has greatly improved its performance compared with traditional jaw crusher.Taking pe-500 ×800 jaw crusher as an example, compared with the same type of jaw crusher, the motor power decreases by 20kW and the unit power consumption decreases by 27%.In the case of the same crushing ratio, the amount of materials processed per hour is 20m3 more, which increases by 29%.The weight of each jaw crusher is reduced by 750kg on average, saving 5000 yuan in production cost.According to on-site measurement, the dust during crushing is reduced by 30%.

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