Technical measures to improve grinding efficiency of ball mill

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Because the ball mill grinding operation is a very complex production process, affected by a variety of factors, want to achieve the improvement of grinding efficiency to take into account a variety of factors, a variety of factors are not completely independent, today's main introduction to improve the ball mill grinding efficiency of the technical measures are what?

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1. Pre-selected tail flip

First ensures safe operation, scientific principles and procedures, in order to strengthen the management of technology, completes the process connection, ore preparation is the foundation of all work, primary left tail is refers to, according to the principle of threw the early can, is an efficient method of raw material preparation, is mainly refers to the artificial selection for the ore and waste rock, for some low quality

Or insufficient utilization of the ore, to be selected, choose to discard or other processing methods, so that not only can reduce the amount of waste ore into the mill, improve the taste and grindability of the ore into the mill, but also can reduce energy consumption, improve grinding efficiency.This is for the final effect to consider, through the early abandonment of a large number of waste rock, improve the grinding degree of ore.


2.Grind more and grind less

More crushing less grinding is to point to in grinding operation, the use of more broken than polishing method for grinding, the grinding particle size for ball mill grinding efficiency, will affect the mill maximum effect, also can affect energy consumption, based on the grinding ore granularity control realization of reducing energy consumption to enhance the efficiency of the ball mill grinding.The ore can be crushed selectively by means of mechanical energy. The energy efficiency of crushing operation is much higher than that of grinding operation. The advantages of crushing operation can be given full play to and the grinding efficiency can be improved by means of more crushing and less grinding.For example, a high pressure roller mill can be used to grind the ore before entering the mill, which can not only make the ore be effectively crushed but also change the internal crystal structure of the ore and reduce the hardness of the ore.

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3. Apply new liner

The surface shape of liner is also one of the factors affecting grinding efficiency.In the actual operation of steel ball and lining plate, in addition to plough cutting, cutting, chiseling, deformation, corrosion and other wear and tear affect the grinding efficiency, the shape of lining plate will also affect the grinding efficiency.In order to protect the body from wear, the lining plate of the new ball mill is used to transfer energy directly to the medium of the mill and reduce the wear on the body, which not only realizes the function of protecting the body, but also improves the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.

4. Reasonable ball loading rate

As the production increased demand to improve the efficiency of ball mill grinding of ascension, more and more scholars study for ball mill in the best filling rate, but the conclusion is different, even contradictory, because considering the ball mill filling will be influenced by many factors, so can't defined as a uniform data index, according to the different setting of the actual conditions of mines are used by the current way is through the pilot experiment, the preliminary of the steel ball in order to establish the most suitable mine filling rate, in such cases with different amplitude of productivity increase, even has improved product fineness.The fine study on the size and proportion of steel balls is also due to the influence of steel balls on the grinding degree of ore particles. According to the analysis of the most important broken products and the mass of different ball diameters, a reasonable ball proportion is finally determined.

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5. Improve grading efficiency

Classification efficiency has a great influence for grinding efficiency, in the actual production process, with the method of classification for production, is usually divided into two levels, the first level refers to the ore quality classification, the ore careful inspection and preparation, the second is making the actual grinding and production, through the application of classification equipment, a large number of experiments can be seen that grading machine for the phenomenon of excessive crush to control, but also can greatly improve the capacity of ball mill, in the actual production process, eliminate the bad influence in the process of air column for grading, greatly improve the efficiency of classification.

We should learn according to the actual production conditions for various factors combined analysis, explore the impact of grinding efficiency to improve the key, and according to the existing problems for the implementation of countermeasures, improve the grinding efficiency of ball mill.If you want to know more water plant equipment can leave a message with us.

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