Special dust remover for cement factory

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According to the pore diameter of cement, fly ash, stone powder, mineral powder, chemical powder and other powdery materials, the filter core of the dust collector is designed to influence the pore diameter of the filter core through the diameter and adhesion effect, which can meet the filtration requirements of all powdery materials.

It can not only meet the requirements of bulk truck air transport and the air transport after the unpacking, but also ensure that there is no negative pressure in the warehouse when the powder material is used.With small volume, compact structure and other advantages, the filter area of 24 square meters, small volume, vibration cleaning, selected filter material filter core.

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Features of special dust remover for cement plant:

1. The inlet and outlet air ducts are arranged in a compact manner with small airflow resistance.

2. The cabinet is designed with air tightness and good airtightness. The inspection door is made of excellent sealing materials.

3. Adopt the upper bag-changing method. After the dust removal framework is extracted during bag-changing, the dirty bags are put into the dust hopper at the lower part of the box and removed from the manhole to improve the bag-changing operation conditions.

4. Maintenance and bag changing can be carried out in different rooms under the normal operation conditions of the fan system and dust collector system of cement factory.Dedusting cloth bag mouth with elastic expansion ring, good sealing performance, firm and reliable.

5, because the special dust remover of cement factory adopts the way of separating Chambers and stopping wind pulse spraying and blowing, spraying and blowing can achieve the purpose of cleaning dust once, so the period of cleaning dust is prolonged, reducing the energy consumption of cleaning dust, and the air pressure consumption can be greatly reduced.

6. The special dust remover for cement factory adopts the technology of separating chamber, stopping wind and spraying dust with pulse, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust remover and separating chamber and reverse dust remover.

cement plant

Working principle of dust remover in cement plant:

Dust-containing gas enters the box through the entrance of the dust collector and filters through the filter bag. The dust is left on the inner surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the fan through the filter bag and is inhaled and discharged directly into the room (or can be taken over and discharged out of the room).With the increase of the filtration time, the dust adhering to the inner surface of the filter bag keeps increasing, and the resistance of the filter bag increases accordingly, thus affecting the dust removal effect.Automatic dust removal mechanism is adopted to conduct regular vibration and dust removal or manually controlled flying mechanism to shake and shake for tens of seconds after shutdown, so that dust stuck to the inner surface of filter bag can be shaken off, and dust can fall onto the door, drawer or conveyor belt directly.

Cement plant dust removal equipment in more than 10 bag room, concluded that the location of broken bags from the discovery of excessive emissions, inspection generally needs 5~30 minutes.At present, the service life of dust removal filter bag is more than one year, and the broken bag only occurs after the use of filter bag for one year.Find out the bag room where the damaged filter bag is. As long as the bag room is closed and replaced, the rest of the bag room can still operate normally.Generally, closing 20% bag room will not affect the dust removal efficiency of process equipment production and dust removal facilities.

The equipment produced by cement factory has high purification efficiency and can collect fine dust of more than 0.01 micron.In the design, different operating parameters can be used to meet the required purification efficiency.The resistance loss is small, generally less than 20 mm water column, compared with the cyclone dust collector, even considering the power consumption of power supply unit and vibration mechanism, the total power consumption is still relatively small.Allow high operating temperature, such as SHWB circuit dust allows operating temperature of 250℃, other types have reached 350~400℃ or higher.

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