Several main methods for calculating the ratio of ball mill media

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The grinding medium is the energy carrier and the force-applying body in the ore grinding. It passes the total energy of the grinding medium in the mill, the energy of the single grinding medium and the specific surface area of ​​the grinding medium. The grinding efficiency of the qualified product has a significant impact on the particle size. There are many factors affecting the proportion of grinding media.

The following are some of the main methods for blending grinding media in ball mills.

1) According to the particle size composition of the feed, the percentage of the steel ball of various diameters to the total mass of the ball is equal to the yield of the corresponding grain size in the feed, and the ratio of the grinding medium is determined, which is referred to as the feed particle size correlation method.

2) Calculate the ratio according to the density of the ball balls of various diameters, which is referred to as the equal density method.

3) Calculate the ratio of grinding medium according to the total mass percentage of ball ball in various sizes and the diameter of the ball, which is called the mass diameter equal ratio method.

4) Calculate the ratio of grinding medium according to the total surface area of ​​steel balls of various diameters, referred to as the equal surface area method.

5) Calculate the ratio according to the total mass percentage of the ball ball of various diameters and the surface area of ​​the single ball, which is referred to as the mass surface area equal ratio method.

6) Determine the ratio directly by the number of steel balls of various diameters, abbreviated as a number method.

7) Based on the principle of maximum particle size disappearance rate, the principle of grinding dynamics and the principle of linear superposition of grinding process, the grinding is calculated according to the particle size distribution of the feed, the particle size distribution requirements of the grinding products, the material properties and the mill speed. Computer simulation algorithm for media size and ratio, referred to as product particle size correlation method.

The above various ratio calculation methods are applied in practice. The first six methods are simple to calculate and are easy to be adopted by most manufacturers, but there are obvious differences among various methods; the product particle size correlation method has been proved to be in the product grain size requirement. Strict special circumstances are the most ideal and effective methods, but the calculation process of this method is more complicated, and it is difficult for small and medium-sized mining enterprises to adopt. Therefore, in a certain sense, no method has been widely adopted.

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