Sand dryer dust removal equipment operation

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Dust and tail gas will be produced in the drying process of sand. Dust collection and tail gas treatment should be done well.According to different heat source drying methods, dust removal equipment of sand drying system (cyclone dust collector, pulsed bag dust collector, wet dust collector, etc.) can be used singly or in combination.Dust removal equipment is of great significance to drying system.

Sand dryer dust removal system after installation, test run, test and adjustment before normal operation.In the process of sand dehydration and drying, the maintenance of dust removal equipment is directly related to the efficiency and quality of the whole sand drying system.This article will share with you the sand dryer system dust removal equipment operation knowledge.

1, in the sand dryer production operation, dust removal system belongs to the special equipment, in the operation of the equipment should have a designated staff management.

2. After testing and adjusting the dust removal equipment system, the position of adjusting valve and valve plate shall be fixed and marked clearly, and shall not be changed at will.

3, with the operation of the sand dryer, we must strictly control the temperature of the dust remover, prohibit exceeding the maximum temperature specified by the equipment, prevent deformation, ensure the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.

4, in the sand dryer dust removal system work process, mainly to ensure the dust bucket impeller feeder or lock valve, as well as anode vibration, cathode vibration playing normal operation.

5. At the same time, in order to better ensure the efficient operation of dust removal equipment in the sand drying system, start or close the equipment in accordance with the starting and stopping sequence between production equipment and dust removal system stipulated in relevant regulations.Note that the dust removal system should be started before the sand dryer is started and can only be turned off after the production equipment is stopped, so as to better prevent dust and other impurities from settling in the pipeline or causing environmental pollution.

6, before starting the dust removal system of the sand dryer, it is necessary to check the lubrication and air tightness of the rotating parts of the fan, the motor and the dust collector, and pay attention to the cooling and installation performance of the device.At the same time, it is also very important to make corresponding diary records in the running process of the equipment, which can better understand the running dynamics of the equipment at any time.

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