Roll crusher roller cracking how to do?

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The roller crusher, as its name implies, its crushing principle is to use the roller of material extrusion to complete the crushing operation, therefore, the roller to roller crusher is an important part.So, the problem came, in the process of operation, on the roller crusher roller cracking how to do?

Under normal conditions of roller crusher roller wear, the appearance of the roller is not cylindrical, forming two big, small center concave outline, then the larger mud block or mud ball can be worn through the concave, play no role in breaking, so it is necessary to repair the roller.There are two methods commonly used in roller repair: local cutting (grinding) machining repair and local surfacing repair.

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1. Local surfacing welding

Local surfacing welding is to weld and fill the worn groove of roller crusher.This kind of method is brief and useful, do not affect the production, and surfacing the hardness and wear resistance are better, the defect is only suitable for good weldability roller (such as cast steel roller).

2. Local cutting (grinding) method

roller crusher

Local cutting (grinding) method of operation is: on the roller crusher frame, a special tool rack, its moving track should be parallel to the roller axis.Repair start to roll crusher, with manual feed organization (conditional can also choose active feed organization) on the roller cutting.

(1) the running track of the tool rest is parallel to the axis of the roller, preventing the taper after cutting and affecting the crushing effect.

(2) control the roller speed of the crusher.Roller appearance of the linear speed should not exceed the cutting tool allowed cutting speed, otherwise should be adopted to reduce the speed to prevent damage to the tool.

(3) about the high hardness roller, cutting can not be processed, at this time can choose to grinding a head according to the cutting method for grinding processing.

roller crusher

3. Disassembly and repair

The repair method after disassembly is to disassemble the roller with the shaft together and apply it to the machine after repair by turning.This method has large workload, long downtime, but easy and thorough repair.

Roller crusher is a kind of crushing equipment, its feed particle size is relatively small, fine discharge particle size, mainly used in stone production line of secondary crushing, we only ensure the normal operation of roller crusher, to ensure the profit of the enterprise.

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