Repair and maintenance of cement works

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In order to ensure the smooth production of the factory and the safety and health of the workers on site during the construction, the factory must overhaul the equipment on time.

1. General safety requirements

(1) all units of cement plant shall incorporate safety measures into the important content of overall overhaul and construction work to be considered and implemented as a whole.

(2) before the implementation of maintenance, the maintenance equipment must implement the power failure procedures and procedures, all relevant units must implement.Complete safety equipment is required.

(3) the important overhaul focus on hot fire, climbing, lifting, cross operation, preheater, kiln mill and other dangerous operations safety.

(4) when entering the maintenance site, all operators must wear labor protection articles according to regulations, and it is forbidden to work after drinking.

(5) sufficient lighting conditions must be ensured at the work site.

(6) all maintenance teams must hold pre-maintenance safety meetings, make safety disclosure and technical disclosure and make records.

(7) after work, the site should be cleaned in time. When replacing parts and components, they should be classified and put on shelves in time, so as to make the site clean as possible.

(8) all the maintenance personnel of the unit and the outsourced maintenance personnel must go through safety training before they can carry out maintenance operations, and the outsourced personnel must sign a safety agreement at the production office.


2. Maintenance safety of key projects


2.1 vertical mill maintenance:

(1) the power failure and confined space of main motor, powder separator and upper belt and other related safety procedures must be handled when entering the mill;

(2) confirm that the exhaust gas air valve is closed in place, and the residual exhaust gas in the mill is ventilated and removed before entering, and the safety belt must be worn when grinding;

(3) more than 2 persons shall conduct the operation, and special persons shall be arranged to take charge of the operation.


2.2 rotary kiln maintenance:

(1) the operation must ensure adequate lighting conditions;

(2) the plate flip valve of the feeding pipe in the kiln tail must be locked (to prevent accidental feeding);

(3) go through the power failure formalities, hang the "no closing" sign, and transfer it to "0";

(4) confirm that the grate cooler, kiln head and kiln tail can only be used when there is no one in the kiln;

(5) after the kiln is cooled, ensure that the harmful gas in the kiln is discharged and the kiln is well ventilated. Ensure that the kiln skin and firebrick are free from collapse and that the air gun gate valve is closed and exhaust is completed before entering the kiln;

(6) safety helmet must be worn when entering the kiln, and safety belt must be worn when working at height;

(7) if there is any cross operation on site, both parties must communicate and confirm the safety before carrying out the operation.


2.3 preheater overhaul:

(1) confirm that the relevant fan is in the specified state.Air cannon off;

(2) upper feeding pipe flap valve locking (to prevent accidental feeding);

(3) apply for safety work tickets such as confined space and high-altitude work;

(4) when hoisting materials, they must be supervised by someone, and the dangerous area is circled with warning tape. All personnel are forbidden to enter the warning area or work or walk under it;

(5) three persons or more shall be responsible for the operation. On-site specially-assigned persons shall be responsible for the monitoring and communication outside the home.

(6) the skin that may collapse must be cleaned up in advance before entering and the temperature is suitable for entering;

(7) shelves are raised inside the cyclone tube. Those who enter must wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts;

(8) the interior must be adequately lit and powered by safe power.


2.4 electric dust collection maintenance of kiln head and kiln tail:

(1) handle safety operation tickets for confined space, high-altitude operation, power failure and other related work, and hang the "no closing" operation sign;

(2) confirm discharge is completed before entering, and enter only after there is no internal current;

(3) more than 3 people are allowed to work. No single person is allowed to work.

(4) low-voltage 36V safety lighting is used for internal work.

cement plant

3. Safe debugging after maintenance

(1) according to the provisions of the transmission procedures, starting procedures.

(2) cement plant equipment debugging to have a unified command, central control, machine, electrical workshop personnel should cooperate in place.

(3) all equipment must be repeatedly confirmed before debugging.The confirmation includes: whether the hole door, bolt and all attached equipment should be in conformity with the specified state, whether the materials, tools and other sundries left behind by maintenance have been cleaned, and whether the personnel have been completely evacuated.

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