Reform of roller press lubrication system

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Roller press adopts material layer crushing.The key part of the roller press is two rollers, which are rotated by large bearings.The main bearing of the large roller press has an outside diameter of 1600 mm and a weight of only 4.5t/m2. Each roller press has 4 large bearings.Once the bearing fails, it is difficult to maintain, so the reliability of the bearing is particularly important for the use of the roller press.Bearings are usually lubricated with dry oil due to the low speed and heavy load conditions of the roller press.The lubrication condition of the bearing has a very important influence on the life and reliability of the bearing.This paper analyzes the problems existing in the ordinary dry oil lubrication system of roller press and provides a reliable intelligent lubrication system for the original lubrication system.Make effective transitions.

(1) analysis of roller press dry oil lubrication system

At present, the central lubrication system is the dry oil lubrication used in roller press.It is mainly composed of filling pump and oil drum, lubrication pump, progressive distributor, pipeline and so on.Working mode is gap working system.Generally speaking, work 3-4 times every 8 hours for about 10 minutes each time.The working time and working time can be set on the touch screen of the roller control cabinet.The lubrication pump is equipped with a small storage tank with an upper and lower oil level diaphragm.When the oil in the storage tank reaches the lower limit, the filling pump will automatically fill the tank. When the fuel reaches the upper limit, the filling pump will stop working.When the lubrication pump works, the grease is piped to the progressive distributor and distributed to the lubrication point through the distributor.When the total resistance of the pipeline system exceeds the pressure of the reducing valve set by the lubrication pump (generally 30~35MPa), the discharge port stops discharging oil. The structure of the progressive distributor to move in and out of oil makes it impossible for other discharge ports to discharge oil, leading to the collapse of the whole lubrication system.

There is no filter in the oil path of the traditional dry oil lubrication system of the roller press.When impurities are present in the oil or mixed in during maintenance, it is easy to cause clogging of the distributor and the distributor needs to be removed and cleaned.

2. Principles and advantages of intelligent lubrication system

Intelligent lubrication system includes pump station, PLC control system, electromagnetic oil feeder integration and pipe fittings.Pump station and electromagnetic oil feeder are integrated with PLC control system respectively.The pipe accessories are connected to the electromagnetic oil feeder and integrated into the roller press.Through each lubrication point, the electromagnetic oil feeder integrated Settings and roller press the same lubrication point.The integrated electromagnetic oil supply includes electromagnetic valve and hydraulic sensor, which are used to control the opening and closing of pipeline accessories, and oil pressure sensor to detect the displacement signal of dry lubricating oil and feed back to PLC control system.

The main advantages of intelligent lubrication system are as follows:

(1) oil supply to each lubrication point according to needs.

(2) accurately monitor the oil supply status of each lubrication point and provide timely feedback;

(3) directly instruct each fault point on the PLC display screen, so that the maintenance personnel can accurately find the location of the fault;

(4) each lubrication point is independent, and the blockage of a single lubrication branch will not affect the normal operation of the whole system.Because of its many advantages, more and more equipment now use intelligent lubrication system, many old lubrication system is being modified intelligent lubrication system.

After the large-scale application of intelligent lubrication system in recent years, its advantages are obvious.Although compared with the old lubrication system, the investment is relatively high, but the intelligent lubrication system can achieve accurate oil supply, save oil consumption, reduce the oil pollution in the field environment, especially the high reliability and low failure rate greatly reduce the labor intensity.

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