Reasons and methods for maintaining the hydraulic system of crusher

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In the use of the crusher, maintenance operation is to extend the service life of the equipment, to ensure the efficiency of production, maintenance operation is generally for the maintenance of internal parts, including the maintenance of the hydraulic system, maintenance of the crusher hydraulic system reason and method

1. Production process of crusher

For the production process of the crusher, the role of the hydraulic system is to achieve the adjustment of the discharge port, as well as the role of over-iron and clearing the cavity, which is of great significance for the production of equipment, but these roles are established on the basis of the intact hydraulic system, so the maintenance of the daily production is indispensable.


2. Maintenance and operation of the crusher hydraulic system

For the crusher maintenance of hydraulic system operation, mainly pay attention to its clean, it mainly includes the dust preventing, hydraulic oil clean from several aspects, mainly as follows: because when crusher in the crushing material, will produce dust, so to prevent dust into the hydraulic system, in addition, to use the same type of hydraulic oil clean.

3. Replace the hydraulic oil

At the time of replacement of hydraulic oil, pay attention to the use to join the need to use when the hydraulic oil filter, and of course the process to ensure that the filter clean, refueling, oil level to pay attention to the scope of the change of time is of the crusher just stop soon, so can the oil and sediment discharge, add new hydraulic oil.


4. Judge the need to replace the hydraulic oil


4.1 degree of oxidation

Generally speaking, the new hydraulic oil color is relatively light, and there is no obvious odor, but with the long time of broken work, due to long-term high-temperature oxidation, the color of the hydraulic oil will deepen, when it appears black brown and accompanied by a smell, indicating that the hydraulic oil has oxidized, this time need to be replaced;

4.2 water content

If the water content in the hydraulic oil of the crusher is much, its lubrication performance will be affected, so this time can not play a role in maintaining the smooth operation of the equipment, it needs to be replaced;

4.3 impurity content

When the crusher works, due to continuous collision and grinding between various parts, it is easy to produce debris, which will inevitably enter into the hydraulic oil, resulting in its quality decline, and may also cause damage to the parts of the broken equipment, so this time is also need to be replaced;

Because the hydraulic system for the working process of the equipment has a great effect, so for its maintenance and lubrication of the main maintenance is to keep it clean and oil change operation, also analysis the question of when to need an oil change, in the process of actual operation, the crusher maintenance of hydraulic system is very important, need attention.

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