Principles of management and operation of combined grinding systems on cement production lines

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With the gradual optimization of the combined grinding system technology, its application in the cement production line is gradually expanding. How to make full use of the functions of the combined grinding system to make the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency come into play is the focus of the cement plant. Therefore, we have studied the operation and management of the combined grinding system in practical applications, helping the cement plant to rationally optimize the cement production line process.

First, pay attention to the control and management of materials

1, control material granularity

A sieve that is smaller than the grain size requirement of the roller press is installed at the lower feed opening of the clinker to block the bulk material, and then to be crushed and then used for rolling. Conditional semi-closed storage yards can be used to store winter storage materials.

Cement production line

2, control material moisture

According to the moisture requirement of the feed system, the moisture content of the dried materials, such as limestone and desulfurization gypsum, is subtracted according to the ratio, and the moisture requirement of the dried materials is calculated. According to this index, the drying can be controlled to meet the requirements of the feed system. Moisture requirements.

3. Control material temperature

The temperature of the clinker in the cement compound is the highest, so it is necessary to properly mix the clinker in the clinker to reduce the temperature of the clinker into the batching station and ensure the temperature requirement of the material entering the system.

Second, the operation mode of low pressure and large circulation can be adopted. For the roller system with a diameter of 1200 mm and a roller width of 450 mm, the operating pressure of the hydraulic system of the roller press can be controlled at 4.8-5.5 MPa, and the cyclic load of the roller press system is increased, and the roller press is increased. The content of fine materials in the material increases, which improves the fine powder guarantee for the high yield of the subsequent tube mill.

3. Reasonably distribute the air volume of the circulating fan. It is necessary to prevent the air volume from entering the mill system too little, resulting in the grinding machine over-grinding phenomenon, especially the high-fine inner screen grinding; too, not too much, to avoid the excessive selection efficiency of the static classifier, entering the roller press The fine powder is too small to be stable.

After the joint grinding system of the company's 5000t / d cement production line is managed by this method, the efficiency of the production line is greatly improved and the quality of cement production is guaranteed. Therefore, the equipment must pay attention to the correct operation and management during the work to take advantage of its performance.


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