Present situation and Development of bag Dust Collector Technology

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Basic overview

Bag dust collector, as an efficient equipment to remove particles, can greatly reduce the emission of smoke and dust, and it is an important technical equipment to solve the emission of smoke and dust in China. Taking the cement industry as an example, at present, the domestic cement enterprises adopt cloth bag dust collector, and each new dry cement kiln can reach the dust discharge limit stipulated by GB4915-2013, that is, 0.15 kg / ton clinker. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the particulate matter emission of China's cement industry in 2012 is 3.68 million tons, while the new national standard should be 230000 ~ 460000 tons, which is technically feasible. If Bag dust remover is also used in 50% of coal-fired boilers in China, so the power industry can reduce soot emission by more than 1.2 million tons every year, that is to say, bag dust removal technology can fully support stricter standards, and emission limits can be further reduced, which will play a great role in reducing particulate emission. Many domestic application cases show that while realizing the stricter emission standard of particulate matter, the bag filter does not need to increase the cost and operation cost, as long as it is designed, manufactured, installed and operated in strict accordance with the existing standards and specifications, good results can be obtained.

Bag dust removal equipment technology

The design and selection of bag dust collector has changed from high filtration speed, high resistance, short life to high efficiency, low resistance, long life, the pursuit of excellent comprehensive effect of energy saving and emission reduction, which is embodied in blast furnace gas dry dust removal, coal-fired power plant boiler flue gas dust removal, cement kiln head and kiln flue gas dust removal, waste incineration flue gas purification, and has achieved remarkable results.

In the smoke and dust control project, the emission concentration is less than 10 mg ≤ Nm3; the system resistance is less than 1000 Pa; the filter bag has a good ash cleaning effect on average; the life of the pulse valve diaphragm is greatly prolonged, and it is a common phenomenon to use it for 3 ~ 5 years. It is common to have a useful life of more than four years. Pulse ash cleaning bag dust removal technology has achieved good results in all industrial fields. The performance of pulse valve, the key component, has exceeded that of foreign products in some aspects, thus obtaining the rapid and large-scale bag dust removal equipment, which is used in iron, steel, cement and power industries. Many single machines have more than 2 million m3 smoke volume. The filtration area is more than tens of thousands of square meters, among which the maximum treated smoke volume of bag filter in power industry is more than 3 million m3 / h, and the filtration area is mostly between 40 000 m 2 and 50 000 m 2. Of course, many new technologies have been injected into the large-scale equipment, which has made great progress in the distribution of air flow, the reasonable and safe structure of air distribution and body, and so on. The manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology of large cloth bag dust collector in our country have also made great progress, the scale is getting bigger and bigger, the equipment is more and more specialized, many bag dust removal processing enterprises have set up NC machining center, the production precision has been greatly improved; special equipment and special purpose Processing machinery is widely used in bag dust removal industry. Laser cutting is used in the manufacture of board, and multi-spot welding machine is widely used in bag cage processing. In recent years, no bag dust removal processing enterprise in the world has developed as fast as China's bag dust removal enterprise, so professional, so it has also led to the export and external processing of cloth bag dust collector.

The most significant sign of the technology of bag-type dust removal is the enlargement of the equipment, but the large-scale of the equipment is not a simple volume increase, relates to the modular design of the equipment, the manufacturing and installation, the gas flow distribution and the regulation, the reliability of the long-term operation of the ash removal system, Long service life of the filter bag and the like. With the capacity of the single unit of the thermal power industry in China from 100MW, 200MW, 600MW to 1000MW, the single production line in the cement industry is from 3000t/ d, 4000t/ d, 5000t/ d to 12,000 t/ d, and the capacity of single-seat blast furnace in the steel industry is 700m3, 1000m3,2. 000m3 to 4000 5300m 3. The scientific and technological personnel in our country give full play to their intelligence and follow up the continuous research and development, which makes the bag dust collector in our country rapidly larger, the treatment air volume increases from more than 100 000 m ~ 3 / h to 1 million m ~ 3 / h, 2 million m ~ 3 ≤ h to more than 3 million m ~ 3 ≤ h, and the filtration area is from 2000 m ~ 2, 10 000 m ~ 2, 20 000 m ~ 2 to 50 000 ~ 60 000 m ~ 2, and the filtration area is from 2000 m ~ 2, 10 000 m ~ 2 to 50 000 m ~ 2. In the process of bag dust removal, the resistance of the equipment is greatly reduced, from 1500~1800Pa to 1200Pa or even below 1000Pa, and the filtration efficiency is stable and has The dust emission concentration reached below 10mg/Nm3, and the soot emission concentration of domestic waste incineration industry and blast furnace gas purification was generally below 10mg/Nm3. It is precisely because of the large scale of bag dust removal equipment that it provides great support for the energy saving and emission reduction of our industry in the corresponding stages of industrial development in our country, and makes great achievements in the economic development and environmental control of our country at the same time. It can be said that without the rapid development of bag dust removal technology, the atmospheric environment of our country will be worse than it is now. As we all know, the large-scale equipment in any industry is not a simple one to make it bigger, but a lot of corresponding needs. Technological advances are largely based on breakthroughs in some key technologies. The large-scale cloth bag dust collector is based on the major breakthroughs in the development of filter materials and filter bag manufacturing technology, ash cleaning technology and equipment, air flow distribution technology, whole machine processing and manufacturing and equipment technology. Like the large-scale equipment of iron and steel, metallurgy, cement and electric power industry, the large-scale bag dust removal equipment is also based on the improvement of the overall level of industry in our country, at the same time, it also promotes the improvement of the overall level of industry in our country. The whole stream of cement industry, including dust removal equipment Production line in foreign countries a large number of promotion and construction is an example.

Cement industry is one of the heavy pollution industries. In the past, there would be a thick layer of cement dust around the cement plant. When the 5000t/d cement production line was reformed in a cement plant in Guangzhou in 2004, on the basis of accumulating decades of dust removal experience and comparing with the requirements of foreign environmental protection design, large low resistance long bag on-line / off-line pulse ash cleaning dust remover was developed, the air volume was 1 million m3 / h, the flue gas temperature was 240 ℃, and the service life of the filter bag reached 6 years. The operating resistance of the equipment is less than 1200 Pa, and the emission concentration of smoke and dust is below 10mg/m3. It has met the stringent environmental requirements in the world. It not only meets the requirements of this production line, but also clears the major environmental protection obstacles for the technical promotion of 5000t/d to 12000t/d production line in China. In recent years, the whole process line of cement industry has adopted bag dust removal technology, especially the kiln head, the kiln tail has changed from electrostatic precipitator to cloth bag dust collector, which makes the cement factory area change the dirty scene of the past, and many cement factories have become garden cleaning factories.

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