Overload measure of grate cooler

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It is used to guide the kiln operation when a large number of kiln skins and discharging balls are lost in the kiln, in order to avoid the kiln stopping accident caused by blocking the discharging port of the clinker crusher as much as possible

(1) abnormal situation judgment:

1. The average current of the kiln rises sharply suddenly, and then decreases quickly;

2. After a period of time, the peeling kiln skin can be seen rolling in the kiln head camera;

3. The grate pressure in the first chamber rises rapidly and the fan current of grate cooler decreases;

4. If the material is ball, it can be seen from the kiln head camera


(2) site preparation

1. The kiln operator shall inform the staff at the post in advance to prepare protective equipment, such as helmet, ironing clothes, dustproof eyeglasses, etc.;

2. Meanwhile, prepare water cannon, crowbar and other tools.

(3) grate cooler overload standard operating procedures

1. Kiln operators should take the initiative to accelerate the pushing speed of grate bed in the first and second sections of grate cooler, especially in the second section, try to empty the clinker on the grate bed;

2. Inform the post workers to release the energy of all the air cannons of the grate cooler and lock the hangtag. Meanwhile, prepare the high pressure water gun and relevant tools

3. The kiln operator should try his best to stabilize the condition of the kiln, and ask the on-duty manager to arrange special personnel to monitor the discharging situation at the mouth of the clinker crushing machine

4. When the kiln skin and m enter the grate cooler for about 20 minutes, the kiln operator should actively contact the on-site monitor, and adjust the head row and the fan in room 2, 3 and 4 according to the negative pressure of the crusher;If necessary, stop for two stages to observe the material accumulation in the grate cooler

5. The duty manager shall inform the kiln operator whether to reduce production (minimum of 1000 t/h) according to the material accumulation on the grate bed in the second section (or the size of the grate ball).On-site treatment personnel can inform the kiln operator to start and stop the grate cooler at any time according to the actual situation for observation and treatment.

6. After treatment, the kiln operator should restore the condition of the kiln as soon as possible.If the blockage is serious, consider from the Angle of safety of the equipment, then treat as emergency stop kiln


(4) matters needing attention

1. Kiln operator shall ensure that the mouth of clinker crusher is in a high negative pressure state according to the actual demand of drawing wind on site.

2. Site personnel shall operate in strict accordance with relevant safety operating procedures

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