Operation flow of impact crusher

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Impact crusher is an important machine in production, we can only ensure the normal operation of the production line with the correct operation process.

1..Preparatory work before starting

(1) check whether there is adequate grease in the bearing and the grease must be clean.

(2) check whether all fasteners are fully tight.

(3) check whether there are non-breakable debris in the impact crusher.

(4) check whether there is jam at the joints of each moving part, and apply appropriate grease.

(5) check whether the clearance between the crushing plate and the plate hammer meets the requirements.PF1000 series above models, the first level of adjustment clearance 120±20mm, the second level of clearance 100±20mm, the third level of clearance 80±20mm.

(6) pay attention to the crushing clearance can not be adjusted too small, otherwise it will aggravate the wear of the hammer, sharply shorten the service life of the hammer.

(7) start the test to check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with that required by the machine.


2. Startup of the machine

(1) the impact crusher can only be started after checking and confirming that all parts are normal.

(2) after the impact crusher starts up and runs normally, it must run without load for 2 minutes. If any abnormal phenomenon or abnormal sound is found, it shall stop immediately for inspection, find out the reason and eliminate it before starting again.

3. The feeding

(1) impact crusher must adopt feeding device uniform and continuous feeding, and make the material to be broken evenly distributed on the whole length of the rotor working part, which can not only guarantee the processing capacity of the machine, but also avoid material blocking and stuffy car, extend the service life of the machine.The feed size ratio curve must meet the requirements specified in the factory manual.

(2) when the discharge clearance needs to be adjusted, the discharge clearance can be adjusted through the clearance adjustment device. During the adjustment, loosen the tightening nut first.

(3) the size of the working gap can be observed by opening the access doors on both sides of the machine.This work must be stopped before proceeding.


4. Machine stop

(1) the feeding work should be stopped before each shutdown. The power can be cut off only after the materials in the crushing cavity of the impact crusher are completely broken, so as to ensure that the machine is in no-load state when starting next time.

(2) if the machine is shut down due to power failure or other reasons, the material in the broken cavity must be completely removed before starting again.

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