Notes for lubrication of cement machinery and equipment

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With the continuous development of the construction industry, cement is increasingly valued as a building material.Cement machinery and equipment operation requirements are increasingly high.In the equipment management of cement enterprises, lubrication management plays a very important role, has a direct impact on the production efficiency of enterprises, but also affects the economic benefits of enterprises.

1.The importance of lubrication to mechanical equipment

Lubrication plays an important role in reducing friction and wear in mechanical transmission. Lubrication is closely related to the performance, precision and life of the equipment.In equipment management, only pay attention to lubrication management, starting from the actual needs of the technical specification, we are in process of lubrication is also have a lot of different, for different equipment, different parts, different problem must carry on the omni-directional extensive study, achieve targeted, continuously improve through each link, such ability more Good lubrication.

2.Common problems in the lubrication management of cement machinery and equipment

Cement machinery and equipment are mostly under the high temperature of the bad environment, once use, for the normal operation of the equipment, maintenance, management and service life have a significant impact, there are many different kinds of cement machinery and equipment, each manufacturer is different on the selection of lubricant, specific mechanical parts to choose the appropriate lubricant

3.Common faults of lubrication management system

(1) long-term exposure to the harsh environment with high dust and temperature has brought heavy and miscellaneous loads to cement machinery operations. Continuous and uninterrupted production has aggravated equipment wear and reduced impact resistance, leading to frequent failures of the body. The reason is the environment and characteristics of cement machinery production.

(2) there are many kinds of cement machinery, and the working conditions and structure are quite different, so the maintenance requirements of each equipment are different. If you want to seal and lubricate the parts, it is not feasible, which will cause unnecessary losses. The failure rate of the same type of machinery will increase, which will easily lead to potential accidents.

(3) many faults occur in cement machinery due to inoperative lubrication and its operation is more complicated. Under normal working conditions, it cannot start and operate, its work is not stable, it consumes a large amount of kinetic energy, it cannot reach its required speed, abnormal noise, etc.

4. Measures to strengthen the lubrication management of cement machinery and equipment

(1) give full attention to cement mechanical lubrication management

Improve enterprise personnel's emphasis on lubrication work, establish a standardized lubrication management system of enterprise, make enterprise internal mechanical operation of the all the staff learn much professional knowledge, strengthen the understanding of the cement machinery lubrication knowledge, set up businesses in a certain atmosphere, enables each staff to do a good job of mechanical lubrication, strengthen the attention of machinery lubrication.

(2) correct operation and scientific maintenance

Mechanical lubrication system failure, you can see some not obvious abnormal, easy to cause injury problems, must strictly implement the rules of use.

After boot device, check the lubrication system, the machine is in good condition, for normal production and operation of machinery and equipment, the operator should insist to measured and recorded, real-time grasp to the state of the equipment, such as whether the equipment courageously abnormal sound, is there a super temperature, fuel consumption big, on the surrounding any pollution, and other necessary issues.

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