Notes for choosing a double roll crusher

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Double roll crusher is now often used for ore crushing a mechanical equipment, we also call it roll crusher.It is mainly by two corresponding rollers to crush the material, the machine on electricity, the two roller skin fast rotation of the material on the extrusion, thus breaking the material.What are the considerations of choosing a double-roll crusher?

Double roll crusher

1. Main USES

Roller crusher application of many industries such as mining, chemical, coal, building materials, and so on, are inseparable from the roller machine, it can be broken into these industries block brittle material particle size in 80 mm below fine material, even suitable for finished particle size less than 20 mm, more than 50 micron fine work.It can be seen that the roller machine is suitable for crushing coarse and medium materials. Although the input particle size of the equipment is relatively large, as long as the compressive strength is less than 160MPa, the size of the output particle size can be adjusted by crushing the roller machine.

Double roll crusher

2. Selection method of double-roll crusher

When you choose a double-roll crusher, generally more emphasis on the production capacity and transmission power size of the machine, so often pay attention to the size of the feed size of the double-roll crusher, Angle, roller speed of these three parameters.The roller crusher with high power and small discharge port has a strong ability to produce broken materials, and can even realize the super-fine crushing of ore materials, and the particle size is even and appropriate.Choose big have actual strength and reputation good manufacturer undertakes buying, such trust is reliable, and after sale is seasonable, can give us very big help.

Double roll crusher

Double roll crusher in the industrial production equipment can be said to occupy a pivotal position, the implementation of many projects are inseparable from qualified material sources, and double roll crusher is to do this kind of work before.Buy double roll crusher equipment, you can choose jiangsu LVSSN, we can provide you with more technical parameters.

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