Note on transportation after purchase of mobile crusher

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The transport of the moving crusher is obviously very important. Note the following points and you will not worry about the transport.

1. Move the crusher accessories

Before the long distance transportation, the mobile crusher should remove the accessories on the equipment and ship separately.The moving part of the equipment should be fixed and locked, so as to avoid shaking, shock and vibration when driving at high speed.

mobile crusher

2. Transportation routes

When the equipment size is larger, beyond the transport provisions of the transport department, should carefully design consignment scheme, and with the transport department to draw up the transport route.

3. Inspection of moving crusher

Before formal consignment, the walking device to conduct a comprehensive inspection.Especially tow hang, brake lamp part, must make strict inspection, lest produce safety accident.

mobile crusher

4. Move the leg of the crusher

When the preparation is done, put the legs away and you can check.

5. Transportation equipment

Equipment in the site for a small distance transfer, the preparation is relatively simple, only to check the walking device, and then put up the legs, with bulldozers and other traction of the machinery can be checked.

mobile crusher

6. In transit

Equipment in transport, the speed is not too high, for large equipment, to set clear signs, and have a person responsible for safety.When transferring in the construction site, pay attention to the road condition, especially pay attention to the transverse slope is not too big, so as to avoid instability.

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