New skills for wear repair of ball mill pinion shaft

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In the cement industry, the ball mill always occupies the mainstream position. In the process of using the ball mill, some key parts, such as pinion gears, have been fragile after long-term wear and tear. At this time, the proper repair method can make Equipment can prolong life, and vice versa, it may accelerate the death of equipment. In the traditional restoration, it has always been preferred by external repair, but such repair methods may be subject to a series of constraints such as production schedule, complicated steps or the tolerance of the equipment itself, so that it can be repaired by online methods. The first choice.

The vibration of the pinion shaft bearing housing of a certain mill reducer is relatively large, and the bearing temperature is continuously increased. In this case, the emergency stop, the inspection of the pinion shaft bearing seat, the bearing of the pinion shaft support side is seriously damaged, and the bearing position is seriously worn. The bearing position of the original diameter of 280 mm is now 268 mm after the wear, the diameter size Wear 12mm, single side wear depth of 6mm, and local wear is more serious. Faced with this situation, companies first consider online maintenance technology. If it is repaired offline, the disassembly work is more difficult, the cycle is longer, and there is concern that the traditional repair welding will have a serious impact on the shaft, and there is a risk of interrupting the shaft during use. There are no ready-made new axles that can be replaced, so online repair is the only effective solution. After comparing a series of processes, after reference to many cases, the company adopted the popular Sore carbon nano-polymer technology.

1. Surface baking oil: using acetylene oxygen for baking oil, the operation time is controlled between 10 minutes and 15 minutes;

2. Surface grinding: The surface is ground and cleaned with a sander to improve the adhesion of Sole carbon nano-polymer SD7101H. The entire grinding process is controlled in about 20 minutes;

3. Calculate the amount of Sole carbon nano-polymer SD7101H, and adjust SD7101H according to the calculation result;

4. Evenly apply the blended SD7101H to the surface of the bearing position, and quickly install the tooling in place; from the adjustment of SD7101H to the tooling installation in place, the real process is completed within 10 minutes;

5. After SD5101H is naturally cured for 30 minutes, it is heated and cured, and the whole curing time is 2 hours;

6. After the SD7101H is cured, prepare the heating bearing and disassemble the work tool, and both at the same time. After the tooling is disassembled, the surface is simply treated to verify the repaired size and remove excess material from the surface. At the same time, the bearing is heated to the specified temperature, quickly installed in place, and the repair is completed.

The above is the repair step. It can be seen from the whole repair process that the whole repair process of Sole Industry is very simple and fast, without complicated process steps and a large number of tools, but many details in the repair process need to be strictly controlled.

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