Measures to reduce the loss of steel rod in rod mill

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How to reduce the loss of rod mill steel rod can be considered from the following aspects:

1. Choose steel rod with excellent wear-resisting performance to make the rod mill stick to the high and stable pre-grinding effect for a long time, and the grinding particle size is small and even.

2. High efficiency iron removal shall be carried out before material pre-grinding.When iron enters rod grinding, the wear of steel rod is accelerated, resulting in uneven wear amount and poor particle size uniformity of grinding materials.Similarly, when the subsequent mill is a closed-circuit process, iron removal still needs to be strengthened. An efficient iron removal device can be set in the coarse powder or grinding tail of the powder separator to eliminate the influence of iron on the grinding process.

3. Check the wear degree of steel rod regularly to avoid "broken rod and disorderly rod".
4, the follow-up rod mill should choose excellent abrasion resistance grinding body.After the selection of pre-grinding mill, grinding has become the primary operation of cement mill.

Choose high hardness, excellent abrasion resistance grinding body gradation, greatly reduce wear.Because the standard of grinding body in each bin is small, especially the size of grinding body in the fine grinding bin is smaller, it is advisable to activate the lining plate to fully activate the grinding ability of grinding body to the material.At the same time, strengthen the ventilation inside the mill, make the mill stick to the stable high efficiency grinding condition for a long time.

5, choose the silo board and grate board.In order to avoid blocking the grate with small standard grinding body, the straight blocking plan can be used to maintain excellent ventilation and material flow rate.

6. Learn the technological characteristics of kneading combined grinding, conduct a separation of products and coarse powder in the pre-grinding system, and evenly mix the products occurred in the pre-grinding with the products of subsequent mills. It is expected that the whole grinding system will be further improved by 10%~20%.

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