Maintenance skills of hammer crusher

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When the hammer crusher is started, the motor will not rotate.If external forces are applied, the motor will rotate but will emit a weak electric sound.At this point, you can think of a leakage of the capacitor.Today to introduce the hammer crusher maintenance skills.

hammer crusher

1. The hammer crusher is too loud

If the current sound is too loud, the motor will not start or the capacitor will short-circuit.At this point, have it repaired by a professional maintenance staff.When repairing, if there is no professional maintenance instrument, you can remove the capacitor, plug the two wires into a neutral socket, and connect the cable for charging.Then take out the wire and discharge it.

If an electric spark can be produced, a capacitor can be inherited.If the spark is weak, the capacity of the hammer crusher will be reduced and new capacitors or small capacitors will be needed.However, if the capacitor is damaged, it must be replaced and cannot be treated as described above.

hammer crusher

2. Maintenance method of hammer crusher frame to port

For the long term work of the detachable frame, another whole plane of the frame will wear out.In this case, it should be resolved in time.

First, the wear condition of hammer crusher frame is measured, the detailed value of grinding deviation is determined, and then the electric welding planer is carried out.But make sure the center spacing of the original bearing is ensured.

hammer crusher

3. Rack crack treatment:

The frame of hammer crusher is an important bearing part, so cracks may appear in the weak part of the frame.If the frame breaks, it can be repaired by welding.The vibration of hammer crusher is intensified during operation, which indicates that there may be uneven wear between the worn parts and the rotor, which is caused by unbalanced state or looseness caused by asymmetric rotor and materials.The pulley.After the normal vibration has been removed, the inspection can be suspended.

In addition, the vibration switch installed on the hammer crusher can be set to take active rest before equipment damage and personal injury occurs when unbalanced vibration is detected.When the crushing and sanding machine is fed, the unbalanced process of about 30~60s usually occurs.In this case, the feed cannot be stopped and increased as much as possible until the vibration is reduced.

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