Maintenance of roller surface of roller press

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The use of roller press, the manager put forward strict maintenance requirements, to achieve internal no hidden danger and external no danger, not only to avoid the operation of disease, but also to ensure the safe operation of roller press and high operation rate.The maintenance of the roller press involves iron removal, lubrication, structural dimensions, roll surface morphology and hydraulic system, which are guaranteed by more details.The author thinks that the most important maintenance of roller press is to protect the roller surface.

For grinding cement roller press, the user wants the roller surface to have good wear resistance and anti - spalling.The wear resistance and spalling resistance of the roll surface depend on the wear resistance of the surfacing material, the characteristics of the material, the timely maintenance of the roll surface and many other factors.

1.1 the roller press is most afraid of metal foreign bodies

The appearance of the roll surface is related to the effect of the roller press on the extruder, which is also related to the safe operation of the system and grinding efficiency.In the roller press into inevitable exist all kinds of metal impurity, the roll surface caused by the great threat, heavy metal impurities will direct damage to the roll surface, at the same time can also cause roller press jump stop, and small particles of impurities after rich product, will be an additional roller surface wear, it will be used in the best possible to reduce the presence of metal impurity.In order to prevent the roller surface from metal foreign matter injury, some enterprises are all soldiers, from the firing workshop inspection requirements, such as the requirements of inspection in the inspection of clinker link, found metal foreign matter must be detected, can not detect must report to the central control room, report to the batching station, and reward the discoverer.For the constant weight warehouse because of segregation phenomenon accumulation of metal, the enterprise should also pay attention to, to clean up regularly, do not rely too much on the removal of iron.

1.2 the roll surface shall be inspected thoroughly every 3 or 4 weeks

Cement enterprises generally every 3 or 4 weeks to carry out a comprehensive inspection of roll surface, record the wear, check whether there is peeling phenomenon.The above said that the whole people are soldiers in addition to the foreign body in iron, is afraid of peeling roll surface.Under the strong pressure between the two rolls, the metal debris may directly destroy the roll surface, making the roll surface produce pits or collapse the hard wear layer.

1.3 supersaturated feed can delay the wear of roll surface

Ensure that the silo always has a stable and continuous feed column to ensure even feeding, can ensure the roller press supersaturated feeding requirements.This requirement can be understood from two aspects:

(1) the impact of materials on the roller press is small, so as to reduce the vibration of the fuselage, so as to keep the roller press running smoothly and delay the wear loss of the roller surface;

(2) materials can be evenly distributed over the whole roll width, which can reduce the wear speed of materials on the roll surface.

1.4 minimize the number and amount of roll surfacing

Every local surfacing welding, local welding residual stress will be generated in roll surface, and can not be eliminated.If the number of surfacing welding, welding residual stress will accumulate, to a certain point, this stress will hurt the roll.In order to reduce the risk of spalling, it is necessary to reduce the welding repair times and amount of the roller surface.And to do this, the aforementioned points on the key role.

2. To summarize

For the traditional roll surface, is the key to the maintenance of the roller press, should do the following: refuse to metal foreign body injury;Make a thorough inspection of the roll surface every 3 or 4 weeks;Supersaturated feed retarded the wear of roll surface.Choose roll surfacing technology correctly;Minimize the number and amount of roll surfacing.

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