Limestone resources are scarce, how to choose active lime calcination equipment?

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market situation

Highly active, high value-added reactive limes are widely used and have broad market prospects. In recent years, the exploitation of limestone resources as raw material for active lime has been greatly tightened, and limestone resources will officially enter the era of scarcity. If the limestone resources cannot be rationally utilized, it will have a negative impact on the sustainable development of the active lime industry and the steel industry.

Limestone calcining equipment

Calcination is a key process in the production of activated lime. The choice of calcining equipment has an important impact on the full utilization of limestone resources. General mine products 0-30mm fine-grained limestone accounts for 30-40% of the total output. If not fully utilized, limestone resources will be seriously wasted.

Rotary kiln calcination

At present, the active lime calcination equipment is different, and the limestone grade used is also different. The rotary kiln can directly calcine 10-50mm fine-grained limestone, so that most of the limestone below 40mm can be utilized, and the annual mining cost can be saved and the mining life of the mine can be extended. Therefore, the rotary kiln calcined active lime has good advantages and good development prospects in fully utilizing the limestone resource energy.

Rotary kiln production process

The main features of the rotary kiln production process are the combination of the advantages of low heat consumption of the shaft kiln and low heat activity of the rotary kiln. The rotary kiln with vertical preheater and vertical cooler is used to calcine limestone. Meet the production requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and good activity.

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