Limestone crusher operating knowledge

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Limestone crusher - jaw crusher is currently the most widely used crusher in the field of rock crushing in the international mine.Jaw crusher is divided into two kinds of coarse and fine broken, can achieve different fineness of the material processing, the crushed material maximum compressive strength up to 320MPa.

1. Performance features:


According to the problems often appeared in the actual use of jaw crusher, a series of improvements have been made to the products, so that the jaw crusher produced by the company has unique advantages:

(1) the deep cavity is set without dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output;

(2) large crushing ratio and uniform product granularity;

(3) gasket type discharge port adjustment device, reliable and convenient, large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment;

(4) the lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy to replace parts and easy to maintain;

(5) simple and reasonable structure, reliable work, low operating costs;

(6) more energy saving equipment: single energy saving 15% ~ 30%, system energy saving more than twice;

(7) large adjustment range of discharge port, which can meet the requirements of different users;

(8) low noise and dust.

jaw crusher

2. Structure:

Jaw crusher main structure has frame, eccentric shaft, large belt wheel, flywheel, side guard plate, bracket, bracket back seat, clearance screw, reset spring, fixed jaw plate and moving jaw plate.

3. Working principle:

When the jaw crusher works, the motor drives the belt and belt pulley, and makes the moving jaw move up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the Angle between the elbow plate and the moving jaw becomes larger, thus pushing the moving jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate.When the moving jaw goes down, the included Angle between the bracket and the moving jaw becomes smaller. The moving jaw leaves the fixed jaw under the action of the pull rod and spring, and the crushed materials are discharged freely through the discharge port at the lower part of the jaw cavity under the action of gravity.So the work of jaw crusher is intermittent, crushing and unloading process in the jaw cavity alternately.With the motor continuously rotating the crushing jaw for periodic crushing and discharging, mass production can be realized.

4. Common sense:

Jaw crusher due to improper use will often cause the crusher crash phenomenon, therefore, in the material to be broken, must pay attention to the level of uniform blanking, and is suitable for the material hardness, if too hard, can add a process.

In general, the main factors affecting the work of jaw crusher are Angle and revolution.The rodent horn is the Angle between the moving jaw and the fixed jaw.According to the calculation, the maximum rodent Angle can reach 32 degrees.However, the actual use is less than 25 degrees, generally about 18-20 degrees.If the rodent Angle is too large, the ore in the crushing cavity will be squeezed upward, which will hurt people or damage other equipment. Meanwhile, the productivity decreases with the increase of the rodent Angle (crushing ratio).Adjusting the size of the discharge port also changes the size of the rodent Angle.In practical life, the size of ore discharge port can be adjusted according to the requirements of ore discharge granularity.Therefore, it is reasonable to enlarge the discharge port as far as possible under the requirement of ensuring product granularity.The size of drainage hole can be adjusted by adjusting block. When adjusting the size of drainage hole, attention should be paid to the relationship between crushing ratio and productivity.

In a certain range, increasing the rotation of eccentric shaft can improve the production capacity of crusher, but also increase the energy consumption of crushing ore per unit weight.Rotation speed is too large, will make the crushing cavity has been broken ore too late to discharge, and produce blocking phenomenon, but reduce the production capacity, increase the consumption of electrical energy, therefore, jaw crusher should have an optimal number of revolutions.

Eccentric shaft, connecting rod, movable jaw plate, shaft and lining plate of jaw crusher are the main wear parts, which need to pay attention to lubrication and replacement.

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