Jaw crusher to do a good routine inspection machine to avoid failure

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It is an effective rule to avoid the failure of jaw crusher to check the machine well.

Hubei type broken stone machine is broken stone is the use of high frequency equipment, but if you don't prepare before the use of jaw crusher, will affect the production capacity, serious when even will make the crusher in use process is damaged, it must be for overhaul or equipment replacement, it is a big loss for the enterprise.In the use of jaw crusher before the following four aspects of preparation, you can reduce the probability of equipment failure to a certain extent.

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1. Check the crushing cavity of the equipment

Before using the mine jaw crusher must be checked, in the jaw crusher equipment crushing cavity whether there is a foreign body, including the last processing of materials left in the cavity, a variety of production tools, wire, iron, etc..If these things are in it, it will start the machine, and it will burn out the motor or iron wire or iron block due to excessive load and damage to the internal parts of the machine, such as the movable jaw plate, the static jaw plate and so on.

2. Check safety measures

Before starting the machine to check whether the jaw crusher safety measures have been done, because in any case, safety is a top priority.Only strengthen the security measures to prevent trouble, is the right choice.

3. Check the fixation of the machine

Before using jaw crusher, check whether the screw fixing the machine is loose and whether the foundation of the bearing machine is too soft.Find loose screws on the timely reinforcement, found that the foundation is not good to take measures to reinforce, so as to ensure the smooth production.

4. Check lubrication

Before each use of a large jaw crusher, check that the machine bearings and other lubrication needs to be well lubricated.As long as the lubrication effect of the machine is good, can make the output standard, the machine is not easy to have problems.

The demand of economic and social development for mineral resources continues to grow rapidly, but the guarantee degree of mineral resources in China is generally insufficient.Economist analysis, China's future economic development will still appear a new climax, so the market demand for mineral resources is still very strong.Do a good job in the maintenance of jaw crusher, solve glitches and minor problems in the bud, reduce the maintenance time of equipment, investors can get more profits from it.

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