Jaw crusher feeding technique

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Jaw crusher is widely used in mining smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry, etc.Jaw fracture is generally used as coarse crushing equipment in ore production line. Its productivity has an important impact on the production efficiency of the whole production line.

Feeding is the first step of a crushing production line, and then it is often broken with jaw crusher.To improve the capacity of jaw crusher, the feeder must be used correctly.This article shares some feeding tips that you can use to improve your jaw.


1. Strictly control the feeding size and avoid the phenomenon of stuck cavity and blockage

The design size of feeding mouth of jaw crusher has such a formula: feeding mouth size = (1.1~1.25) * maximum particle size of raw material.

Many production personnel do not understand it, always take the measured size of the feed port as the maximum size.Therefore, in the raw material exceeds the specified large particle size raw material is easy to block the cavity groove.It is not always blocked, but each time it is blocked, the device will not work properly for a long time.Therefore, the strict control of raw material particle size is one of the most important prerequisites to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher

2. Prevent excessive blockage

Due to insufficient initial feeding, many enterprises have seriously affected production, so they have carried out technical transformation of the stock bin. However, due to the lack of devices to limit the feeding amount, another phenomenon of overcorrection, that is, excessive feeding, often occurs in the stock bin after the transformation.

As the working principle of broken jaw is semi-rhythmic work, if too much material is put into it, it will cause the material to break too late, and the broken material cannot be eliminated in time, resulting in material jam.Therefore, cutting and overfeeding will affect the productivity of jaw fracture.


3. Rhythm feeding to ensure the normal operation of the jaw

Now the crushing section of mineral processing enterprises, most is the use of end chute feeding, the whole feeding equipment 2/3 or even the whole outside the warehouse, because of the remote feeding mouth, leading to the feeding equipment into a vibration chute, not only feeding speed is not good, and serious wear.The best feeding position of the ore feeder should be within 1/3 of the top of the equipment, but vertical feeding is strictly forbidden to prevent the equipment from losing vibration ability under pressure or affecting the conveying effect.

Especially if the dump truck is used to discharge the material directly, the malpractice of vertical feeding is more serious.Therefore, how to adjust the Angle of the feeding bin to ensure the smooth and unpressed feeding, the rhythm of the mining machine and the processing rhythm of the jaw crushing machine coincide, is the technical guarantee of normal feeding.


4. Adjust the Angle of feeder

Vibration feeder is often with grate, with some screening functions.However, due to the amplitude, feeding Angle and other reasons, it is very easy for the block to block the grate phenomenon in the screening, making it lose its original efficiency.In the face of this situation, many enterprises will be the grate with steel plate to be sealed, into a plate feeder.

In fact, under the condition of proper adjustment, the grate efficiency of vibration feeder is very obvious.Adjusting amplitude, Angle of feeder and releasing screening function of feeder fully are the best way to improve the total passing quantity.


5. Adjust the outlet and bite Angle of jaw

The size of discharge port of jaw crusher determines the processing capacity of the equipment.As a coarse crushing equipment, the size of the discharge port should be based on the best grain size of the second stage crushing, and the size of the discharge port should not be arbitrarily increased or reduced.

The adjustment of the biting Angle (the included Angle between the moving jaw and the fixed jaw) needs to be carried out more strictly, generally within the range of 17~26° (subject to the actual situation).

In addition, the jaw horizontal stroke, row layer Angle, rotation speed, material humidity and other factors that affect the capacity of jaw crusher, you can adjust these factors to improve the jaw bankruptcy.If you have any more questions about cement plants, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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