Jaw crusher appears return material and other unexpected solutions

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Jaw crusher is the crushing equipment commonly used in coarse crushing operations, in the work may be returned to the phenomenon: the material is not by the movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate extrusion, but by the extrusion of the feed port phenomenon.At the same time, the working process will also appear sudden shutdown phenomenon.This article mainly shares the jaw crusher return material, sudden stop and other phenomena and solutions.How to realize the regulation of insurance and discharge port?

1. Causes of returning material in jaw crusher

(1) jaw crusher own problems;

(2) unbalanced force of materials;

(3) the discharge port is too wide;

(4) the size difference of the materials to be broken is too large.

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2. Jaw crusher return material solution

(1) use the crusher of appropriate specifications according to the material conditions.

(2) when the jaw plate is worn and returns to materials, repair or replace the new jaw plate in time.

(3) when the material size difference is too large, the first screening;Coarse jaw crusher for pre-processing, and then use the fine jaw crusher for finishing, so as to ensure the processing requirements of materials.

(4) in the joint surface of the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate, a wedge-shaped backing plate is added to reduce the included Angle of the two jaw plates, so that the included Angle of the two jaw plates is less than twice the friction Angle, to eliminate the phenomenon of returning material.

(5) the protective plate can be welded over the jaw feeding port to prevent the material from flying out of the feeding port and endangering the personal safety of the operator.


3. Causes and solutions for the shutdown of jaw crusher

(1) the discharge port is blocked, resulting in a full load of material. At this time, the blocking material at the discharge port needs to be removed to ensure the discharge is smooth;

(2) the v-belt is too loose, causing the belt to slip, at this time, the v-belt should be tightened or replaced;

(3) the voltage of the work site is too low, and the host machine is unable to break when encountering large pieces of material. In this case, the voltage of the work site should be adjusted to meet the requirements of the host machine;

(4) the eccentric shaft of the equipment is tight and the fixed bushing is loose, which results in no clearance between the two sides of the bearing seat of the frame, making the eccentric shaft stuck and unable to rotate, so we need to re-install or replace the fixed bushing;

(5) when the bearing is damaged, we need to replace it.


4. How to adjust the insurance and discharge port

Jaw crusher thrust plate (also known as toggle plate), in addition to transfer power to make the moving jaw plate do back and forth swing, but also has the role of safety and insurance, change its length can also play the role of regulating the discharge port.

When the jaw crusher into the crushing cavity of non-crushing things (such as iron balls, iron blocks, etc.), in order to protect the main parts of the equipment from damage and use the back thrust plate as crusher safety parts.The thrust plate is generally cast as a whole with cast iron, and a groove or several small holes are cut in the middle to reduce its section strength.Can also cast into two pieces, and then use a screw (or rivet) connected together to form a composite thrust plate.When the non-breakable material enters the crushing cavity, the equipment is overloaded. The huge crushing force is transferred to the thrust plate, which leads to the break of the thrust plate or the screw shear of the combined thrust plate. The machine stops working and plays an insurance role.


With the continuous wear of tooth plate, the ore discharge port gradually becomes larger and the product becomes thicker. In order to obtain qualified product granularity, the ore discharge port size needs to be adjusted regularly.There are two main adjustment methods of ore discharge port:

(1) gasket adjustment, that is, a set of gaskets is placed between the back of the supporting seat of the rear thrust plate and the back wall of the frame, so as to increase or decrease the number of gaskets or change their thickness, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore discharge port.This method is compact in structure and reliable in adjustment.

(2) wedge adjustment, which is used between the back seat of the thrust plate and the frame, is suitable for small crushers.

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