Is the ring hammer crusher properly maintained?

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Some manufacturers in the ring hammer crusher equipment problems only regret not to do a good job of daily maintenance, the results of maintenance treatment delayed the normal production work, but how to correct maintenance, a brief introduction today.

1. Daily maintenance


(1) lubricating grease has been added to the rotor housing and motor bearing of the main engine before operation.

Lithium molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease shall be added in the bearing room. Oil filling quantity: fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the space of the bearing and the bearing shell in the bearing, and clean and change the oil every 1.5 months.When adding grease to the bearing, open the upper cover of the bearing. Add grease from the opening of the bearing cover and add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil. The drop point of the grease should be above 175℃.

(2) hydraulic station

Reach the position indicated by oil level gauge (32# or 46# hydraulic oil)

(3) coupling

See the manual for the random coupling.Hydraulic coupler must add transmission oil according to the requirements of the corresponding manual.

(4) motor

See the manual of the random motor.

(5) regular inspection

The equipment maintenance personnel should check the fastening situation of fastening bolts (including internal sieve plate, crushing plate, feeding plate, sifter, hammer shaft end cover, lining plate, etc.) regularly to ensure the normal operation of coal crushers.

2. Maintenance cycle;Normal maintenance contents


(1) standard minor repair period:

1 year, duration: 2-3 days;Minor repair: check or replace the ring shaft of the ring hammer;Clean and inspect bearings;Eliminate the sticky coal in the falling coal pipe and the casing;Check and adjust the clearance between ring hammer and sieve plate.

(2) standard overhaul period:

2 years, duration: 4-7 days;Standard overhaul content: overhaul of rotating part, replace ring hammer, ring shaft, replace bearing, and replace sieve board, broken board, lining board, etc.

(3) non-standard maintenance contents:

Replace the rotor rocker arm, replace the spindle, and replace the housing.

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