Intelligent equipment management intelligent system for cement factory

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Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu, senior consultant of China Cement Network and former chief engineer of South Cement, gave an in-depth explanation on the application of equipment management intelligent system in the intelligentization of cement plants. Jiang Xiaotong pointed out that the current intelligent manufacturing of cement industry is still in its infancy, which can be called For the informationization stage, there is still a certain distance from the intelligentization. In the future, the focus of the intelligent manufacturing equipment management in the cement industry should be in the intelligent system of equipment management, and the online automatic monitoring and fault diagnosis of equipment should be placed in a prominent position. .

In terms of equipment management intelligent system, Jiang Xiaoyu explained that the equipment management intelligent system can realize all-round data management and analysis of cement plants, including energy management system, equipment lubrication management, equipment vibration monitoring and diagnosis, equipment file and equipment management, equipment. All data such as inspection, process optimization system and quality monitoring system are collected into the equipment management intelligent system, which is analyzed and processed accurately.

Jiang Xiaotong also said that there is still a long way to go to realize the intelligence of the cement industry in China. It is necessary to "soft and hard", both software technology and hardware equipment. In software, the equipment management intelligent system is an entry point. It can actively intervene when encountering specific problems. It has self-learning and self-correcting ability, which makes the cement production line have "life" characteristics. On the hardware, cement companies should upgrade the hard power of equipment, including the ability to upgrade existing automation equipment and data collection and disposal platforms, and pay attention to the acquisition of historical data and real-time data resources.

The intelligentization of the cement industry is the trend of the times. In view of the prospects of intelligent manufacturing in the cement industry, Jiang Xiaoyu finally said that as long as we dare to think and dare to do nothing, we should have the courage to dare to leap to the world leading level in the cement industry, and also have confidence in many doubts. In the eyes of the technology innovation project from impossible to possible. And hope that under the guidance of the model vision of the cement industry, our cement companies will go hand in hand, vigorously promote the innovation and innovation of cement technology, and contribute to the process of China's cement enterprises leading the healthy development of the world cement industry, and make progress for the technological progress of the cement industry. Contribute.

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