Increased capacity of impact crusher

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Because of its simple structure, low price and good crushing grain shape, impact crusher is conducive to monomer separation of minerals (especially embedded minerals), convenient maintenance and other advantages, and has been widely used in mining production.The capacity of impact crusher will directly affect the economic benefit of the whole production line.Then, how to effectively improve the capacity of impact crusher?

1. Reasonably reduce the humidity of materials

If the material contains a large amount of moisture, it is easy for the material to adhere in the crushing cavity, and also easy to block in the process of feeding, reducing the production capacity of breaking.Therefore, for the material with large moisture content, it can be dried or dried in advance to reasonably reduce the humidity of the material and improve the capacity of counterattack.

2. Pre-screen materials in advance

If the material before crushing contains a large number of large pieces of ore, it will increase the crushing time of the material in the crushing cavity, and the capacity to break will be reduced to a certain extent.And if the material before crushing contains a lot of fine powder, will also be low to break the capacity.Because these fine powder will be easy to adhere, affecting transport and blanking.The material is pre-screened in advance, and the bulk and powdery materials are screened out for processing, so that the material entering the crushing cavity is more in line with the design requirements of counterattack, effectively improving the capacity of counterattack.

3. Reasonably improve the power of main motor

In the range of rated motor power, the greater the power of the main motor, the higher the production efficiency, the higher the capacity.Therefore, in production, the power of main motor can be increased within the permitted range to improve the capacity of counterattack.

4 appropriately increase the rotor speed

Rotor speed is one of the important working parameters of impact crusher, which plays a decisive role in the capacity, product size and crushing ratio of the crusher.The test shows that with the increase of rotor speed, the production capacity and crushing ratio of counterattack are significantly increased, and the product granularity is also relatively fine.However, with the increase of rotor element, the power consumption also increases, and the wear of plate hammer accelerates, increasing the production cost.Therefore, the high rotor speed cannot be blindly pursued in production, and the increase of the rotor speed should be appropriate.

5. The Angle of the counterattack board should be appropriate

At present in the market there are folding counter - plate and circular arc counter - plate.The Angle of each counter plate has a great influence on the effective crushing force of the material impact on the counter plate, and also has a great influence on the impact and shear crushing effect of the material.

Folding counter plate structure is simple, but can not ensure the most effective impact of ore crushing, so in the purchase and debugging of counter breaking, we must pay attention to observe the Angle of counter plate, try to make the material and counter plate collision can be perpendicular to the counter plate, improve the capacity of counter breaking.

Circular arc counterattack plate is commonly used with involute shape. This structural form is characterized by that at each point of the counterattack plate, the ore is impacted in a vertical direction, which leads to higher crushing efficiency and higher productivity.

In addition, to ensure efficient production of counterattack, regular maintenance is very necessary. The key points are:

The running point of the machine is stable. When the vibration quantity of the machine suddenly increases, stop the machine immediately to find out the reason and eliminate it.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35℃ and the high temperature should not exceed 70℃. If the temperature exceeds 70℃, the bearing should be stopped immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it.When the wear of board hammer reaches the limit mark, it should be turned over or replaced in time.After assembling or replacing the plate hammer, the rotor must be balanced;When the rack liner wear, should be timely replacement, so as not to wear the housing;Check the tightening state of all bolts before starting each time.

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