Improvement of grinding technology of ball mill

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When the selected material and shape of the ball mill have been fixed, improving the grinding conditions of the ball mill is also one of the important ways to reduce the consumption of the lining plate of the ball mill.So the ball mill to improve grinding process design from what aspects.

1.Reduce the grain size of grinding material in ball mill

Ball mill grinding feed particle size reduction, ball mill ball diameter size is used as the feed particle size varies, the feed particle size, the greater the demand the ball diameter, the greater the excessive feed particle size and use of the steel ball, not only affect the ball mill production efficiency, but also seriously influence the consumption of ball mill liner and steel ball, practice shows that the ball mill liner wear is with the ball diameter increases.In order to improve the ball mill mill feed size is too large this situation, generally should be used: strengthen the ball mill screening operation, using closed ore crushing.

2. Properly load and fill the ball on the ball mill

Using new ball mill and super - fine crushing crusher.The existing crusher is technically reformed and the ball mill is reasonably loaded and replenished.Reasonable ball loading and ball filling can not only improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill, but also help to reduce the consumption of the lining plate of the ball mill.

3 properly reduce the speed of ball mill

Appropriately reducing mill speed, the rotating speed of ball mill is the main performance parameters of the grinding process, is a ball mill steel consumption, power consumption, yield and grinding process parameters such as one of the main influence factors, in general, the ball mill cylinder speed increased, production capacity has a tendency to increase, but the increase was small, but the lining loss, energy consumption is quite serious, therefore, we should strictly control the ball mill speed.

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