Impact crusher has excellent performance

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If a high-speed railway construction project, less material, can be directly purchased from small sand and stone yard.And the vast majority of railway, highway, bridge, hydropower station and other large project projects, located in deep valleys, construction site is narrow, construction period is tight, concrete works, high concrete construction intensity, the quality of sand and stone aggregate strict requirements.

Therefore, the design of a modern level of technology and dynamic economic indicators of fine artificial sand and stone processing equipment, to ensure that the required gradation of sand and stone aggregate, in the control of the whole project to achieve the dynamic balance of production and supply, is the fundamental purpose of artificial sand and stone processing plant design.Sand and stone aggregate is the main material needed for large-scale and key projects such as the three gorges project.Vigorously develop railway, highway, bridge, hydropower and other infrastructure, the biggest demand is quality sand aggregate.In recent years, high-speed railway construction is in a very important position.Compared with expressway construction, railway construction investment scale is large, construction period is long, involving a wide range, and it can effectively drive the market of building materials and construction machinery.No matter it is highway construction or high-speed railway construction, it cannot be separated from the use of a large number of sand, stone and concrete aggregate, and in accordance with the new operational indicators, the new concrete and sand aggregate granulation, gradation has put forward more and higher requirements, can be said to be completely in accordance with international standards.The new requirements of concrete aggregate granulation and gradation are put forward by high-speed railway.

Impact crusher

The impact crusher has high strength of wear resistant parts, and the key parts are made of torrington bearing and other national products exempted from inspection.Adopt keyless connection, make the whole equipment high strength, easy to use, low maintenance rate, can adjust the size of finished products.High efficiency, good safety performance, the granule type is polyhedron, tightly combined with concrete, the national high-speed regulation of the use of equipment.Compared with cone crusher, impact crusher has less investment, less finished stone and low production cost.Compared with hammer crusher, wear - resistant parts have long service time, high production efficiency and low investment.According to the sand and gravel aggregate material characteristics, processing technology and product requirements, heavy industry science and technology to launch counterattack crusher at dawn, for China gravel association recommended products, after repeated practice has proved that counterattack break the size and the shape of the finished product of comprehensive performance is much better than the same function of the cone crusher and hammer crusher, is a necessary equipment of high speed railway with the requirements of the stone.

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