How to turn on and off the hammer crusher to achieve high yield?

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Correct operation and maintenance are crucial to the efficiency and service life of the broken equipment.So what should we pay attention to in daily operation?How to turn on and off the hammer crusher to achieve high yield?

1. Preparation before starting up

hammer crusher

(1) the lubrication of the equipment and the electrical (instrument) control system shall be checked to ensure that they meet the operation requirements;

(2) check that all fastening bolts of the hammer crusher are in good condition;

(3) check whether the belt is damaged and wipe it clean;Check the belt tension, when the belt is still, press 1~2 belt thickness is appropriate;

(4) check whether the protective device and enclosure are intact;

(5) check that there is no foreign body in the crushing chamber of the hammer crusher, and no collision occurs when the triangular belt wheel is moved by hand for more than one turn;

(6) ensure that the clearance between hammer head and lining plate circumference is within the range of 9mm~12mm;

(7) check the wear condition of hammer head to keep within 30% of the total volume.


2. Matters needing attention when starting up

hammer crusher


(1) starting sequence: discharging equipment -- hammer crusher -- feeding equipment;

(2) the hammer crusher can only be started under the condition that there is no material in the body;

(3) after normal operation of the belt conveyor, start the hammer crusher with no load. After 2 minutes of idling, no abnormal conditions will be found before feeding.

(4) continuous feeding equipment is equipped with feeding equipment, and feeding is even. High strength magnets are installed in front of the feeding mouth, and the installation of iron eliminators and belt conveyor must meet the requirements, to ensure that no metal or other foreign matters enter the hammer breaking machine, so as to avoid damage to the equipment or cause accidents;

(5) check whether there is abnormal sound and vibration when the equipment is in normal operation;

(6) normal lubrication, no oil leakage in the lubrication part, no slip in the v-belt;

(7) the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 40℃ and the highest temperature shall not exceed 80℃;

(8) continuous load operation time shall not be less than 3h;

(9) during the operation of the equipment, it is not allowed to open the case or disassemble parts and components, pulley and other dangerous parts;

(10) the hammer head and lining board shall be checked once per shift. The replacement of the hammer head shall be weighed. The heavy one shall be placed in the middle, and the light one shall be placed on both sides.

(11) hammer handle with hammer rod ϕ 50 wear quantity does not allow more than 5 mm, such as wear and tear more than 5 mm, should replace new hammer handle or repair welding wear to use;

(12) correct use of safety signals. In case of accidents or other emergencies, press the emergency stop button immediately and make records and timely report;

(13) it is strictly forbidden to peep into the feeding port during operation;

(14) during the operation of the crusher, the working staff shall not stand in the action line of rotor inertia force, and it is strictly prohibited to carry out any cleaning, adjustment and maintenance work.


3. Matters needing attention during shutdown

hammer crusher

(1) stop sequence: feeding equipment -- hammer crusher -- discharging equipment;

(2) stop feeding before stopping the machine, and turn off the motor after the materials in the crushing chamber are safely discharged;At the same time, the lining plate bolts are re-strengthened to prevent loosening and damage the equipment.

(3) clean the dust material on the hammer crusher, clean up, lubricate the equipment, and lubricate the bearing once every half month in winter and once a week in summer;

(4) remove scrap iron from iron remover once per shift.

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