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Why is the accident rate increasing when cement production technology is getting better and production time is decreasing?Cement production links are numerous, the process is complex, safety production should be fully valued by the industry, should also be put in the first place of enterprise production, but in the actual operation process, there are many problems in the implementation, thus creating conditions for the occurrence of safety accidents.

What safety accidents in cement production should be paid attention to?Due to the complicated production process of cement and the complicated production equipment, the safety accidents of cement industry are various.

cement production

1, the bums

The main sources of fire and explosion accidents are mine explosives, pulverized coal, ammonia, machine repair, electric dust collector and so on.

In recent years, the annual NSP kiln growing at a rapid rate, due to technical and management personnel growth does not synchronize with NSP kiln development, frequent accident of NSP kiln combustion process, production and equipment damage, appear even the personnel casualty, causes big economic loss to the enterprise, especially in winter, is the NSP kiln combustion accident Tuesday.


Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents, the staff should pay attention to:


(1) revise the operation rules of coal mill and electric dust collector

To prevent pulverized coal combustion and explosion management into it, as soon as possible to organize management personnel and operators of coal mill fire management knowledge training, improve the safety awareness of preventing pulverized coal combustion and explosion.

(2) hourly inspection

The inspection personnel is required to check the discharging condition of dust bucket of electric dust collector and coal dust bin every hour, especially rain and snow weather, find the blocking phenomenon, organize cleaning immediately, prevent the occurrence of coal dust gathering in the coal mill electric dust collector.

(3) check the fire fighting system of coal mill regularly

Timely replacement of CO2 leakage cylinders and expired fire extinguishers, in the event of accidents, can take timely measures to ensure the safety of coal mill production.

(4) calibrate instruments regularly

The instrument of temperature control point of rotary kiln should be calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy and effectiveness, and to prevent the error in judgment of operation personnel of central control due to instrument error.

(5) control of heating time

The control of the heating time of rotary kiln should be comprehensively considered according to the stopping time of kiln, the temperature inside the kiln and the environment temperature. The key point should be to understand the actual temperature in the kiln and the material field inside the decomposing furnace, and then consider when to spray coal to prevent the explosion accident caused by insufficient temperature in the material field.

(6) stop the vertical grinding system

For the new dry clinker production line, when the vertical mill system stops, if the kiln system stops feeding, the coal mill must stop feeding.

(7) fire control facilities management

Coal mill fire control is one of the key work of enterprise safety management, in addition to good safety operation management, but also to strengthen the system of fire facilities management, regular inspection, find problems, timely treatment, to ensure that fire facilities are always in an effective state.

2. Work in confined space

Relatively isolated from the outside world, limited access, poor natural ventilation, enough to accommodate one person to enter and engage in unconventional, non-continuous work, also referred to as working in a restricted space.Cement storage, limestone storage, slag storage, gypsum storage, dry raw material homogenization storage, dry fly ash storage, clinker storage, original granary, pulverized coal storage, preheater air duct, cyclone tube, decomposition furnace, cooling machine, rotary kiln, mill, cyclone, electric dust collector, cooling tower and so on all belong to limited space.

It can be seen that working in confined Spaces has a high risk.Therefore, attention should be paid to:

(1) pay attention to ventilation, measure the concentration of central enterprises, hazardous substances and hazardous substances in confined Spaces, isolate electricity, high temperature, low temperature and hazardous substances, and follow the operation methods and safe operation procedures;

(2) to enter the confined space, one must obtain permission, be monitored, wear a supply gas mask, safety rope and set an automatic alarm device;

(3) when workers are found to be poisoned, individual protective measures should be taken to rescue them. Do not rush to enter, so as not to cause unnecessary harm.Personnel entering must wear labor protection equipment, must wear safety belt.

(4) all testing instruments, power tools and lighting tools in the working site with combustible gas or combustible dust must use explosion-proof products that meet the requirements of "design specification for electrical devices in explosive and fire dangerous environment".

(5) when toxic or combustible gases are found, the tester should use harmful gas detection instrument, combustible gas tester and other equipment for testing.


3. High temperature scald

There are many high temperature equipment and machinery in cement plant, such as clinker, preheater, rotary kiln, etc., the temperature is relatively high, in the equipment maintenance or work process, if not appropriate in the operation process, it is easy to be burned by high temperature.

Therefore, attention should be paid to:

(1) when handling the blocking operation of the preheater, please wear special protective equipment and inform the central control operator to maintain the negative pressure of the system. Ventilation and water can be provided after inserting the blowpipe. When people are standing in the upper and upper air tuyere, the upper and lower parts of the system shall not operate at the same time.

(2) to check the operation in the kiln and grate cooler, please wait until the temperature is below 40℃ (including into the mill and other equipment), and confirm that there is no material stored in the preheater before entering.Manual treatment grate cooler block, should stop crusher operation, when necessary should stop material, and all levels of preheater flashing valve lock, cut off the air cannon air source.

(3) bituminous coal, coal may not be stored for a long time, long term (2 d above) before the kiln should be pulverized coal storehouse with empty, unplanned stop kiln should be regularly to the spray pulverized coal storehouse in our fleet or affixed with raw powder, timing monitoring pulverized coal storehouse temperature changes, dust collector and pulverized coal storage is not permitted in a corner, everywhere outside overflow device of pulverized coal should clean up as soon as possible.A minimum stock of CO2 cylinders should be maintained for fire suppression purposes.It is forbidden to walk on the original coal.

(4) control the outlet temperature of pulverized coal mill <65℃ in summer and <70℃ in winter.

(5) do not observe near the kiln head during firing and feeding to avoid backfiring in the kiln.

(6) cut off the inlet passage of kiln exhaust gas before entering the vertical mill.

(7) do not tread on the raw materials, clinkers, pulverized coal and other materials scattered on the ground. Stop, protect and clean up the scattered materials as soon as possible.

(8) it is strictly prohibited to weld inflammable containers (pulverized coal warehouses, oil tanks, etc.) and airtight containers. Flammable articles are strictly prohibited in the welding area.Do not immediately grasp the objects after welding or gas cutting and handle the tools just used in the blockage.

(9) fire extinguishers and high-pressure water pipes in the workshop should be in good condition.

(10) the vicinity of diesel tank, thin oil station, pulverized coal warehouse, transformer, oil tank facilities, etc. shall be strictly protected from fire source, no smoking, and no leakage of oil pipeline.Inflammable goods and drying clothes are not allowed to be placed near the high temperature equipment.

(11) strictly prevent short circuit of electrical equipment, and any switch box contact screw should be tightened.

(12) the boiler shall be operated by licensed personnel, the water level gauge and exhaust valve shall be reliable, and shall be checked weekly according to regulations.

The complete safety precaution plan also needs people to implement, and can only play the role of prevention.It is hoped that enterprises in the industry can earnestly comply with the requirements of safety production laws and regulations, and put every detail of safety production into practice, so as to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents to the maximum extent.

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