How to choose the right crusher?

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Decades in the mining industry development, the crusher's team is also growing, the numerous species, model number, such as common jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, to roll crusher, etc., that so many broken machines, how should we choose, the following is the jiangsu LVSSN to list ten kinds of skills:

1. Firstly, we should consider the characteristics of our materials, such as the type, hardness and water content of our materials.

2. Each manufacturer requires different particle sizes of incoming and outgoing materials. When choosing a machine, it is important to remember the size of incoming and outgoing particle sizes you need.

3. Volume, which we have to consider, determines which machines we choose.


4, the crusher is different, its handling capacity is not the same, so we can see how much it at the same time, for consideration.

5, energy consumption problem, at the same time, the more processing capacity, less energy consumption, is our first choice of equipment.

6, parts are easy to damage, these are the cost in the later period, so don't just look at one aspect of the situation, to fully grasp all the information.

7. Post-maintenance is also what we need to consider. Try to choose the machinery that is convenient for post-maintenance.

8. If our space is small, or if we have space requirements, we should also consider the size of the equipment.

9, because of the various crusher products, their working principle is certainly not the same, the choice can also be compared according to the principle.

10, cost, comprehensive all the conditions, all the circumstances, and then combined with the cost, select the most suitable for their own machine.

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