How to choose the right ball mill and rod mill?

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Understanding the difference between a ball mill and a rod mill also lays the foundation for the purchase of equipment. In general, users can choose according to their raw materials, finished product size and effect, production methods, and so on.

1, according to raw material processing options


In the operation, if the raw material that the user needs to process is tungsten tin ore, the rod mill is a better choice, and if the material to be grounded by the user is aluminum ash, lime, slag, molybdenum ore, etc., the ball mill has a stronger processing capacity.


2, according to the size of the finished product


In the coarse grinding, when the product size is 1-3mm, the processing capacity of the rod mill is greater than that of the ball mill of the same specification. When used for fine grinding, the particle size of the product is less than 0.5mm, the grinding effect of the ball mill is greater than that of the same specification. Mill. That is, the products of the ball mill are more refined, and the products of the rod mill are rougher, but more uniform.


3, according to the production method


In the re-election or magnetic selection of rare metal ore, in order to prevent the damage caused by the powder in the operation, the grinding of the material is often carried out by a rod mill, and most of the production and processing of the cement factory are ball mills.


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