How to choose kaolin drying equipment according to use

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Kaolin dryer and dryer, divided into single cylinder and cone, indirect three categories, monocular is directly by hot air drying with kaolin, three drum using multiple concentric circles type cylinder, using multiple cylinder consists of a three cylinder structure reasonable combination, the indirect hot air drying separately with kaolin, different USES of materials applied in different drying machine equipment, drying equipment is a very common kaolinite.

With the rapid development of modern technology, all kinds of dryer equipment innovation, advanced equipment continues to appear, now kaolin enterprises in the purchase of equipment, in addition to the practicability and safety of the equipment, but also pay more and more attention to the efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection characteristics of the whole equipment.This machine is a kind of professional drying equipment, through the increase the contact area of the kaolin mechanized drying machine, material through the professional feeder into the cylinder, at the other end of the cylinder has a professional high temperature in, kaolin and the movement direction of the high temperature is relative, in conjunction with the feed plate, gas plate, flip, improve the contact area of kaolin, speed up the drying conditions.

Characteristics of kaolin drying equipment:

1. It can be used in large modern kaolin enterprises.

2. The application of internal conveyor and grate ensures the whole prerequisite for cylinder safety and drying conditions.

3, professional control system, effective and accurate control of the speed of the whole equipment.

The kaolin dryer is a new type of equipment which integrates electrical apparatus and machinery to transform the original internal structure. It mainly has the improvement on the labor force such as grate, feeder board, barrel body and supporting wheel, which can be used quickly and safely.

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