How much do you know about grate coolers?

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The grate cooler is a device which USES cooling air to quench the clinker and exchange heat.

1. The role


Clinker cooler (grate cooler) is an important supporting equipment of rotary kiln. Its functions can be summarized as follows:

(1) reduce clinker temperature, recycle heat and save energy.The clinker from the rotary kiln has a temperature of about 1200℃, which is cooled down to 60℃ -- 80℃. The gas heated by high temperature can be sent into the kiln for combustion as secondary air to improve the combustion conditions of flame. It can also be sent into the decomposition furnace as secondary air to be mixed with kiln gas for fuel combustion, and can also be used as heat source for drying mill or dryer.

(2) after high temperature clinker is cooled, it is beneficial to transport and storage.

(3) after quenching, the clinker is improved for grinding.

(4) the development of mineral crystal of quenched clinker is hindered, which is beneficial to the strength of cement and the ability to resist sulfate solution erosion, and beneficial to the stability of cement products with high magnesium content.

2. Construction and main parts


(1) grate bed

The fixed grate plate of the grate bed is installed on the fixed beam, and the fixed beam is installed on the load-bearing longitudinal beam on the pillar of the shell.The movable grate plate is installed on the movable beam, the movable beam is installed on the movable frame, and the inclined guide rail is fixed by bolts on the bottom of the movable frame, which is supported in the supporting wheel groove. When the movable frame moves, the inclined guide rail moves relative to the surface of the supporting wheel groove, making the moving frame reciprocate, which is the main part of the grate cooler.

(2) transmission part

The transmission part is composed of a variable speed dc motor set, reducer, sprocket and drive shaft.An eccentric connecting rod is installed at one end of the drive shaft, which drives the driven shaft to rotate. Since the driven shaft is fixed on the movable frame, the movable frame will move up and up obviously, and the movable grate will move up and down obviously along the surface of the fixed grate.In order to adapt to the fluctuation of rotary kiln output, the number of strokes of grate bed is changed by changing the motor speed.The reciprocating driven shaft passes through the housing and is sealed by a sliding plate type sealing device.

(3) housing

The shell is made of steel plate, in the position above the grate bed of the inner wall of the shell is inlaid with a layer of light insulation material and a layer of firebrick to prevent heat loss.

(4) air cooling system

The space below the grate plate is divided into several air Chambers with steel plates so that the air volume can be properly distributed to each chamber according to the cooling needs.Each air chamber is connected with a high pressure fan or medium pressure fan with variable revolution by pipelines respectively. Valves are set on the pipelines to adjust the opening degree and allocate appropriate air volume through the actuator of valves.

(5) zipper machine

The function of the zipper machine is to transport out the tiny particles falling into the grate bed in the air chamber. In order to prevent a large amount of cold air and dust escaping from the air chamber during transportation, the problem of air leakage should be properly solved.

(6) crusher

At the outlet of grate cooler, there is a clinker crusher (hammer crusher), whose rotation direction makes the clinker return to the grate cooling grate, from the grate down the clinker through the grate, and then into the crusher to break.

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