How does the cement mill carry on the material powder

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Compared with the traditional concept of vertical grinding equipment, cement mill vertical grinding in the absorption of advanced technology and ideas at home and abroad on the basis of more economical and environmental protection, low energy efficiency advantage, occupy a great advantage in the market.

So, cement mill is how to mill the material?

First of all, before the material is sent into the cement factory vertical grinding, generally there will be a variety of equipment equipped with crusher, so as to facilitate the larger particle size of the material to the required particle size, to prevent the material too large in the feeding device stage formation of blockage, thereby affecting production.

Secondly, after the crushing of materials (most of the ore materials), under the role of the elevator is sent to the storage hopper, through electromagnetic vibration feeder uniform quantitative continuous into the cement mill host grinding room.

Under the continuous grinding action of grinding roller and ring, the pulverized materials are fed into the separator by fan air flow for grading treatment.

Third, under the action of the impeller of the internal powder separator in the vertical mill of cement factory, the powder that can meet the production requirements enters into the cyclone powder collector through the pipeline along with the airflow, for further separation and collection, and finally is discharged through the discharge device.

The material with unqualified fineness after grinding will be returned to the grinding room for regrinding.

Fourth, because the grinding material itself contains a certain amount of water, in the cement factory vertical mill to its grinding process, will inevitably produce a certain amount of heat.

In this way, it will lead to the evaporation and expansion of the gas inside the cement mill, and then change the gas flow rate of the system.

Coupled with the fact that the inlet and all the pipe joints are sealed, the flow of outside air into the system can disrupt the flow balance.

Fifth, in order to prevent the occurrence of the above situation, we will set up a special exhaust pipe valve in the air outlet of the fan, so that the excess gas can be discharged through here, and be imported into the bag filter, and then enter the atmosphere after purification.
In this way, the air flow balance of the adjustment system and the effective maintenance of the environment can be achieved in the mill mill.

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