How can sand dryers save electricity?

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Sand dryer is typically provided by source of heat, so the energy consumption of the sand dryer is everyone more concern, now state shall practise a ladder electricity price, electricity consumption big sand dryer power consumption problems before we have to face the thing, today we are under sand drying machine power consumption problem.

To solve the problem of power consumption of the sand dryer, the sand dryer made a lot of improvements, mainly including the following improvements:

1. Add x-shaped center lift plate to reduce thermal cavity, prolong material residence time, improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce the loss of high-temperature gas.The installation parts can be installed from the middle of the dryer to the head end of the machine successively, with an interval of 0.5~lm. There are 6 x-shaped plates in each group.However, it cannot be installed within 3m near the end of the machine head (due to the high moisture content, high viscosity and low temperature of the newly input material, it is easy to produce adhesion), otherwise it will affect the overall drying efficiency.

2. Remove the spiral feeding blade at the feeding end and change it into triangular rib plate, which can be made of 6mm thick steel plate. The height of the short right Angle side is the same as the height of the feeding end rear-guard ring, and the length of the long right Angle side is 800mm.Its function is to slow down the flow rate of materials in the high temperature zone, and fully absorb heat, improve the heat exchange rate, and can reduce the front temperature of the dryer, avoid burning cylinder and baffle ring.

3. Reform the feeding tube Angle, as long as it does not affect the feeding, try to improve the feeding tube, the above end is not in contact with the dryer baffle ring, but not too long into the inside of the cylinder, control the drop point from the baffle ring within 200mm.Prevent the front end of no material temperature is too high to burn out the baffle ring and barrel, the feeding slip tube is improved, which is conducive to the circulation of high temperature gas and prevent the burning out of the slip tube, material natural fall to form the material curtain, direct contact with the high temperature gas body, heat exchange rate increased.

4. The l-shaped lifting plate with the tail low-temperature drying belt about 1/3 of the length of the cylinder body is reformed. Generally, the l-shaped lifting plate is 90 vertically.Fixed, circle can press 30 successively., 90., 120.Angle welding.In this way, through the rotation of the drying machine, the hoist plate is at different spatial heights, with large distribution area and high heat exchange rate.Pay attention to bake

Dry machine transformation should be considered comprehensively. If the exhaust gas temperature is higher than 100°C with good ventilation, several groups of x-shaped central feeding plates can be set up; on the contrary, if the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 70°C with poor ventilation, several groups of x-shaped central feeding plates should be reduced.Exhaust gas temperature control is very important, too high, on the one hand cause high energy consumption, on the other hand will burn out dust bag;Too low, will cause paste bag, affect ventilation, production decline, dust removal internal components of serious corrosion, high maintenance costs.

5, sand drying material flow speed is fast, quality control is not good, can set up several groups of x-shaped center feeder plate, but must consider the ventilation and exhaust gas temperature.If the conditions do not allow, the setting and position of the baffle ring according to the body situation, the disadvantage is that the front of the baffle ring inner cylinder is easy to wear, wear resistant materials or thickening the plate plate in this area to solve.

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