Has your crusher control system been upgraded?

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At present, the crusher control system has entered the factory, the latest crusher control system can bring you more simple, efficient, safe and reliable production operation.The automatic control system of crusher has now become the plan of the factory to consider upgrading.

HP series cone crusher, as a high performance crusher with a good reputation in the market, has been widely used in China, and most crushers have been installed with automatic control system.Recent production practice shows that the automatic control system can provide good operation and safety protection for HP series crushers.With the continuous upgrading of the main equipment of the crusher, the supporting system is also being optimized.

The biggest bright spot of automatic control system upgrade is that remote monitoring module can be installed.Its function is equivalent to network card, which can use modern communication technology to log in remotely, read the field equipment data, and remotely control,analyze and diagnose the operation of the crusher.Its main functions include:

1.Remote diagnosis.Each node can be accessed to find fault causes in time and provide effective means for resuming production as soon as possible.

2.Remote monitoring.Assist in debugging and trial operation, remote escort during equipment overhaul recovery and initial load.

3.Process optimization.Improve equipment efficiency and optimize operating parameters.

4.Pre-maintenance.Data-based maintenance alerts.

5.Production management.Information automatic record and check, liner prediction.

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