Good operation criteria of crusher

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Crushing equipment is a very important part of mineral operations, then, in the daily maintenance of the crusher, what standard to judge whether the machine is running well?Jiangsu LVSSN sorted out some good standards of crusher, hoping to be of some use to the majority of fans in the maintenance of broken equipment.

1. Toothed roll crusher

roll crusher

1.1 the tooth plate shall be firmly installed and shall not be loosened.The number of teeth whose high wear on each tooth plate exceeds 30% of the original tooth height shall not exceed 15% of the total number of teeth, the number of adjacent teeth missing shall not exceed 3, and the number of teeth missing on each tooth plate shall not exceed 5.The crushing clearance conforms to the technological requirements.

1.2 the buffer device is flexible and reliable, with balanced spring pressure on both sides and consistent length.Normal movement amount of bearings on both sides of the moving roller is allowed to be 4mm.

1.3 the maximum axial channeling momentum of the two-tooth roller is no more than 5mm. The center line of the two axes is at the same level and balanced with each other.

1.4 the two gears engage normally and lubricate well.

1.5 the bearing is clean in oil and well lubricated.

1.6 the material and specification of the pin meet the requirements, the assembly is correct and reliable, and the shear part of the inner hole shall not have chamfering.


2. Drum crusher

Drum crusher

2.1 the friction surface of the rolling ring is flat without grooves.The cylinder runs at a steady and uniform speed without movement or impact.

2.2 the contact between the supporting wheel and the thrust wheel and the rolling ring is uniform, the contact surface is not less than two-thirds, and the rotation is flexible.Diameter wear: support wheel is not more than 1.5% of the original diameter;The thrust wheel shall not exceed 3.5% of the original diameter.

2.3 material guide plate and sieve plate shall be firmly installed without serious deformation or fracture.The screen hole is not blocked and the aperture is in line with the technological requirements.

2.4 the beam body is complete without damage or serious deformation.

2.5 noise and coal dust meet environmental requirements.


3.Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

3.1 the movable and static jaw plates shall be firmly installed without looseness.The number of teeth whose tooth height wear exceeds 25% of the original tooth height shall not exceed 45% of the total number of teeth.The crushing clearance conforms to the technological requirements.

3.2 jaw crusher liner board and liner pad between no accumulation of coal.The arc wear at the contact point between liner and liner pad should not exceed 10% of the original radius.

3.3 spring length of tensioning device is consistent, pressure is balanced and moderate.The tensioning device is flexible and reliable.


4.Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher

4.1 hammer shall be installed firmly and there is no shortage of hammers.No more than 35% of hammer head wear over 20% of full size.

4.2 the broken plate and grate are not broken or blocked.The grate clearance conforms to the technological requirements.

4.3 relative balance of transposons.Bearing oil qualified and well lubricated.


5. Impact crusher

Impact crusher

5.1 the body is complete and free of cracks.The parts are connected firmly and without defect.

Weight error of two plate hammers in symmetrical position shall not exceed 0.3kg.

5.3 the gap between hammer head and hammer plate of impact crusher is adjusted to be uniform, and the maximum wear of hammer head and hammer plate is no more than 20%.

5.4 the counterattack plate lining is fixed reliably, without defect, and the adjusting device is flexible and reliable.

5.5 the rotor runs smoothly with normal sound and no abnormal vibration.

5.6 bearing temperature meets the specified requirements.

5.7 dust and noise comply with environmental protection regulations.

Hope you look at their own machine in accordance with the above standards, daily maintenance of the machine is very important, safety production to bear in mind.If you have any more questions about cement plants, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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