General operation introduction of roller press

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1. Conditions and items to be checked before starting

1.1 the cooling circulating water system works normally;

1.2 all anchor bolts and connection bolts have been tightened as required;

1.3 the movable roller moves freely horizontally without any sundries that may hinder its movement;

1.4 the roller is flexible in rotation and free from sticking and rubbing.

1.5 reliable interlocking of main motor and control cabinet;

1.6 appropriate amount of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank;

1.7 the accumulator charging pressure is appropriate;

1.8 the displacement sensor is sensitive in response and detection, indicating that it meets the starting requirements (less than 15 coffee);

1.9 temperature indication is correct, pressure sensor and secondary display instrument are normally detected;

1.10 working oil has been added into the reducer, and the oil indicator is in place;

1.11 clean the grease filter screen of the pump station;

1.12 inspection of stick surface;

11,300 direction coupling protective cover has been installed;

2. Stop operation of roller press


2.1 normal shutdown sequence of stick press

1) reduce the feeding quantity of each material until the new material supply is reduced to "0";

2) close the pneumatic gate valve when the material level in the load-bearing warehouse is reduced to about 5 tons;

3) stop the main motor of the stick press;

4) stop discharging and conveying equipment;

5) fuel station.

2.2 treatment methods for equipment failure shutdown and emergency shutdown

During the operation of the equipment, when the equipment suddenly fails (motor overload tripping, electromechanical protection tripping, site stop button misoperation).All or part of the system is shut down interlock.In addition, in case of emergency, in order to ensure the safety of people and equipment, the whole system should be stopped in an emergency.

(1) when the equipment suddenly stops, the basic processing procedures are:

1) stop some relevant equipment immediately;

2) find out the reason as soon as possible, judge whether it can be handled within a short time (30 minutes), so as to determine the restart time and carry out corresponding operations.

(2) emergency shutdown operation

In case of emergency, all the lubrication equipment should be shut down.After the equipment stops, the setting value of feeding quantity and valve should be adjusted.If there is no problem with the lubrication equipment, it can be started immediately and handled as soon as possible to resume the system operation.

After handling the emergency, it is necessary to pay attention when starting again. Since the system stops in an emergency, there will be accumulation in each equipment.Therefore, when starting again, it is not possible to feed new material immediately as normal, but start feeding new material after discharging the accumulated material inside the equipment.

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