From which aspects to judge the quality of jaw crusher

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Users for the purchase of jaw crusher, one of the more concerned about the quality of the machine, and to calculate the quality of its good or bad, from which aspects to judge the quality of jaw crusher

1. Build the whole machine and wearing parts

First of all, the jaw crusher machine and the building of wearing parts can be judged.Because the equipment is to the hard material for crushing, if the equipment itself to build the material is not qualified, how to break the material, so the thickness and hardness of the steel.Especially for vulnerable parts of equipment, movable jaw, bearing, etc., whether the manufacturing process of these parts is complete, if the whole machine and vulnerable parts are built, the quality of jaw crusher can be basically guaranteed;

jaw crusher

2. Overall structure design

To the design of the structure, is also a standard to verify the quality of jaw crusher, due to the equipment development to the present, the manufacturers are constantly improve its structure, simple in structure and at the same time, production capacity has a big improvement, quality can on to the next level, so, take a look at its structure science science is an important standard quality judgment;

jaw crusher

3. Protective device for equipment in production

If the jaw crusher is equipped with a protective device, or an environmental protection device, it's for the sake of personal safety and health, or it can enhance safety, or it can reduce dust, and it's a key point in judging quality.

Jaw crusher are of good quality is not good to look at the three aspects of problem, for the analysis of the problem, first quality affects the process of work, so for the quality, much attention for the quality judgment needs to be done from three aspects: the whole machine and the vulnerability of the building, the overall structure of the design, manufacture of equipment protection device, and has carried on the detailed analysis to these aspects, only choose the good equipment to guarantee the quality of the production of the process.

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