Force analysis of impact crusher

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Impact crusher is a new type of efficient crushing equipment, it will hit, hit back, centrifugal impact, shear, grinding and other crushing principles organically together, so that its energy and crushing cavity is fully and effectively used, with absolute market advantages.

Impact crusher has been widely used in road building, metallurgy, mining, building materials, transportation and other engineering fields.For example, all kinds of specifications of stone used in roads and buildings are made of large stones broken by crusher equipment.Especially in recent years, the impact crusher has been widely used, but because the impact crusher some force problems will affect the impact crusher production, for the impact of the force problem to do a simple analysis.

Problems in the actual operation of some key components in the crushing cavity caused by the force on the impact crusher, such as:Rotor, crack of plate hammer on the parts, and even break, crushing efficiency is low, in this paper, based on establishing the counterattack crusher key components of the three-dimensional entity model and the rotor plate hammer a counterattack plate stone impact dynamics finite element analysis model of collision system, analyzes the impact crushing material stress state between the parts of the crushing cavity, and the revolution speed at the same time analyzed the momentum, and at all levels and counter the effects of the plate shape of material crushing these theoretical research to improve the performance of the crusher provides the basis of theoretical analysis.

At present in the choice of secondary crusher, counterattack crusher has been more than cone crusher, at the same time integration equipment production of this new type of counterattack crusher is different from traditional counterattack crusher, a new efficient counterattack crusher can not only broken soft materials, can be broken at the same time more than 300 mpa compressive strength of hard material, big crushing ratio, product granularity is good wait for a characteristic.This makes the impact crusher play an important role in many crushing machinery.

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