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Crusher every part is very important, every part in the use of the crusher is playing a very important role, crusher can be used normally, and we usually on its maintenance and the regular maintenance of each part has a great relationship.Today we are going to talk about the rotor problem, which many friends don't pay much attention to.

1, what are the main parts of the rotor crusher?

Crusher rotor is mainly composed of spindle, hammer disc, hammer head, hammer shaft, spacer, locking device, bearing, bearing seat, sealing device, belt pulley and so on.

2. Where is the main distribution of rotor danger area of crusher?

According to the simulation stress analysis cloud diagram of finite element structure analysis, it can be clearly seen that the rotor danger area of the crusher is mainly distributed in the hammer head handle, hammer disc hammer shaft hole, hammer disc external aid, hammer shaft, spindle bearing, shaft shoulder, etc.


3. Why should rotor work analysis, life prediction and planned overhaul and maintenance be carried out regularly?

The crusher crushes limestone by means of the hammer head which rotates at a high speed. Due to the impact and friction of materials caused by the equipment in work for a long time, the rotor components inevitably lose their normal working ability due to wear, deformation and damage.If the rotor working state is not analyzed and the service life is predicted, the planned maintenance and overhaul can be achieved. Once an emergency occurs, the whole line of the enterprise will suffer serious losses.

4, excessive wear of the crusher rotor main fault performance?

The main failure of the crusher is the serious wear of the shaft hole and the outer edge.Hammer shaft fracture, hammer disc cracking, locking device failure, spindle displacement, bearing heating, serious bearing damage, spindle deformation or even fracture.

5. What is the main content of rotor overhaul?

The main content of rotor overhaul is: hammer crusher hammer shaft, spindle inspection and bending repair and straightening, lock device inspection and repair, rotor hammer disc outer edge repair or hammer disc replacement, crusher hammer head repair, replacement and grading, bearing, bearing seat, sealing device cleaning and maintenance.

6, what is the main content of the crusher rotor hammer disc repair?

Install hammer disc.Check the fit of keys and keyways and make sure that each hammer disc is tightly attached to each other.Check whether the locking device is out of order and replace it if necessary to prevent the movement of hammer disc and displacement of spindle.

7. What are the main contents and matters needing attention of rotor spindle repair?


Since the shaft neck is large, difficult to heat, and the heating time is long, and the temperature is not easy to control evenly, please pay attention to the following five points when using the cold straightening method:

(1) don't apply too much straightening force to prevent the main shaft from cracking in the hidden crack.

(2) when the bending amount is large, it should be straightened several times.

(3) the correction value shall appropriately exceed the bending value of the shaft to eliminate the impact of spring deformation of the shaft after removing the straightening force.

(4) in the straightening, after adding the straightening force to stay for a period of time, at the same time on the surface of the shaft with a small lead hammer along the shaft surface gently beat, to eliminate the internal stress, to prevent deformation after straightening.

(5) during the straightening process, the bending value of the shaft shall be continuously measured until it meets the standard.Shaft in Φ 200-300, bending value should not be more than 0.06 mm, after shaft straightening, bending value should not exceed 0.1 0.15 mm.

Many people usually do not care about the rotor problem, until the problem will find its importance, every part of the crusher is very important.We can't show favoritism to the places that we value the most. Every place has to be treated the same, with the same maintenance.

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